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Posted by StorytellerFor group 0
GM, 2 posts
Thu 24 Jun 2021
at 16:48
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This is for discussion, planning and such. Each character will get their own thread,too, to keep them updated as we won't need sheets.
Anoushka Li
player, 3 posts
Fri 25 Jun 2021
at 13:19
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In reply to Storyteller (msg # 1):

Anoushka is of the Gur people of the Roads of the Western Heartlands and she walks from one place to another, not knowing that she is looking for the rest of you.  If we were using the D&D rules (any edition), she'd likely be a rogue but like many of the Gur, she has a touch of the Sight, not magic as such but a not very reliable form of precognition and clairvoyance.
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player, 1 post
Little Pixie, Big Trouble
Sun 27 Jun 2021
at 08:05
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Mirabelle is a Pixie, originally native to the Feywild but presently hanging around the Prime Material Plane because it's fun.  She may be tiny but she's capable of causing a lot of mischief, and even more chaos.  By game mechanics standards, she's a Druid in terms of spellcasting and class abilities in addition to innate magical Fey powers.  She is fundamentally pacifistic and has no interest in violence, nor is she inclined to harm others as opposed to simply hiding or using non-harmful methods to address a threat.

True to form, Mirabelle is pretty much just a wandering troublemaker who goes wherever she pleases and doesn't have any precise goals other than to explore.  She's just interested in having fun as a planar tourist, so she gets around quite a lot by latching onto other travelers both for security and to pick their brains.  She loves mortals and is always eager to hear their stories.
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Amathavel Aelorothi
player, 4 posts
Sun 27 Jun 2021
at 23:58
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Amathavel is a Sun elf who lived in a time a few thousand years ago, when Dwarves still lived underground, Halflings & Gnomes were few & Men were simple, uncivilized hunter/gatherers who had settlements that amounted to nothing bigger than a village.

He was magically imprisoned for war crimes not of his doing but more guilty by blood and association. With the magic decayed, he and a Score of his brethren were freed to a much different world. He left the group to learn more of this world instead of trying to find their former homes or seek vengeance against their jailors as his fellow prisoners wanted.

What he has seen of this new world thus far fills him with apprehension but also a chance at a new start - unless someone divines his dark secret & past...
player, 2 posts
Mon 28 Jun 2021
at 13:07
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Scriostus is a Pseudodragon. He is far more intelligent than most others of his kind and thus considers himself superior. Unfortunately he occasionally forgets that that superiority should probably not extend to the rest of the intelligent life he encounters.
If he were to have a class it would probably be sorcerer. He would like to gather a horde and rest on it like the red dragon he resembles but he has no real plan for how to do that or how he will protect it.
player, 2 posts
Tue 29 Jun 2021
at 05:02
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The being known as Annastarria is a mystery to those few who have encountered her. Tales have been told of her in certain circles dating back a thousand years but none who relate them can say of a certainty whether or not they're true or from whence they first came.

For the rare soul who yet lives and has met her, she's a tall, willowy, elfin woman with night-black hair and eyes that shine with stars. She is beautiful in a haunting, supernatural manner and moves with a natural grace. Her voice echoes with the music of the spheres: her words begin to whisper around her before she speaks and linger on once she has finished. The effect is quite beautiful though some find it disturbing.

Her motivations and desires are as mysterious as her nature and background but one thing all of the tales agree on is this: do not dare invoke her wrath for none who have lived to tell of it.
Martin Tam
player, 2 posts
Thu 1 Jul 2021
at 22:30
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Although he claim to be from the city New Sarchel in Impultur, he is actually from Thay.  And he is from that Tam family.  A descendant of Szass Tam, he was destined to be a necromancer from birth.  He had neither the temperment nor the evil nature to be a necromancer and when he started to develop some "unusual abilities" his fate was sealed. Martin is a Spell-Fire Wielder. He managed to steal a few choice items from the store rooms and fled into the night.

Although he is developing into quite a powerful spell caster in his own right, he has no illusions about what would happen if the Red Wizards found him. He has continued to run. He has worked on a ship as a deck hand and helped defend more than one small town from _____ (fill in the blank - orgres, gnolls, bandits, rampaging halflings...)

While there are thousands of young wizard out there, no small number of them powerful, the use of Spell Fire is extremely rare.  On those few occasions when Martin if forced to use it, it is invariably followed by his rapid departure from the area.  He has not only the brilliance that every young wizard aspire to, he also has a forethought that is rarely seen in one so young.
Eldren Valdrake
player, 1 post
Mon 5 Jul 2021
at 14:20
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Not every young mage in Cormyr is cut out for the War Wizards. Such is the case for Eldren Valdrake, who considers himself more of the adventuring type. Which is just as well, because it is probably time for him to leave Cormyr for awhile and the watchful eyes of others. Word is that Waterfeep is the place to make ones fortune in his line of business, so maybe his travels will lead him there.
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