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Sat 26 Jun 2021
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Game Play Specifics (Please Read First)
Welcome to my game. I wanted to share some thoughts for this game before you decide whether you're interested or not.

PBP Commandments
Thou Shall Have Fun
Thou Shall Avoid Walls of Text or One Line Posts
Thou Shall Not Hog the Spotlight
Thou Shall Not Assume the Actions of Others
Thou Shall Not Assume Outcomes of Actions
Thou Shall Not Derail Gameplay
Thou Shall Have Fun

Format and Style
I tend to encourage the use of a two-paragraph format in pbp play. Basically, you respond to anything that has already happened in the first paragraph, and then post your action or advance the story in the second paragraph.

Give detailed actions when you post especially in combat: Don't make the GM (or your fellow players) guess at what youíre doing.

Remember that intent and approach are the most important components of your character's actions. The intent is what exactly youíre trying to do, and the approach is how exactly youíre going to do that.

Posting Frequency
You should expect to post between 3-5 times per week. This doesn't mean you have to interject with nonsense just to keep up the posting rate (though a quick post to describe your character's demeanor, reaction to the last action or something of the like is always welcome). The main thing is to ensure that no one is waiting for your action. If you take too long and we are in combat, you just miss that turn.

Your Character
Play By Post games are slower than Tabletop games. Because of that, characters get more spotlight time. Use internal monologue to show your fellow players what your character is about. Donít worry about revealing things prematurely or before they ask. Think of it as a novel. Itís ok for the reader to know things that the characters donít.

To give is to get. Donít expect anyone to give a "darn" about your character until you give a "darn" about theirs. Strike up a conversation. Ask other characters about themselves. Discuss the party goals in character.

We will use the D&D 5e core rules from the PHB only. We will start at level 1. As we play there may be some modification or house rules that we'll discuss at that time.

No PvP. Any PvP will get you kicked out of the group. PvP is Player vs Player actions and it will not be tolerated. Inter-party conflict can be interesting but being a jerk is not.

Dice rolling can be challenging in PbP games so if you think you need to roll for a skill or something, then go ahead and do it. If you rolled wrong or didn't need it I'll either ignore your roll or roll for you.

I will roll initiative for the group once we get to the point of combat. Basically, initiative will go in groups. All players that roll higher than the monsters can go when they get the chance, then the monsters will go, then those that roll lower will go.

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