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Harlem Occupations
While any of the occupations in the Call of Cthulhu Rulebook, Investigator Handbook, or Pulp Cthulhu can be used in this setting, the following occupations are particularly geared for this first story, Queen’s Got Your Number.

Conjure Woman or Man (Occultist)
You are part mystic, part detective, and all problem-solver. Some call you a witch doctor, a tribal priest, and master of forbidden religions. Your roots may be from the deep South, New Orleans, the Caribbean, or Africa herself—but your power is without question, no matter its source. People come
to you in need of your magic and wisdom.

• Occupation Skill Points: EDU × 2 + (APP × 2 or POW × 2)
• Credit Rating: 20–40
• Suggested Contacts: libraries, occult societies, occultists, and patrons.
• Skills: Anthropology, History, Library Use, one interpersonal skill (Charm, Fast Talk, Intimidate, or Persuade), Occult, Other Language, Science (Astronomy), any one other skill as a personal or era specialty.

Editor/Reporter (Journalist)
You are part of an exciting new venture: The Harlem Express, a weekly newspaper that published its first issue last February. It’s a small, shoestring operation staffed by three or four friends and printed on the presses of one of the larger African-American newspapers. You might be the editor, a reporter, or a photographer. The name of the game is hustle to get the slim paper in front of as many eyes as possible every week.

•Occupation Skill Points: EDU × 4
•Credit Rating: 9–30
•Suggested Contacts: News industry, minor politicians/bureaucrats, street-level crime or law enforcement.
•Skills: Art/Craft (Art or Photography), one interpersonal skill (Charm, Fast Talk, Intimidate, or Persuade), History, Library Use, Own Language, Psychology/Insight, any two other skills as personal or era specialties.

Minister/Preacher/Priest/Rabbi (Clergy)
You have spent your life studying the Scriptures/Torah and are dedicated to learning and helping people. Your faith leads you. You are bedrock of your community, and all eyes look to you for advice.

• Occupation Skill Points: EDU × 4
• Credit Rating: 9–60
• Suggested Contacts: church hierarchy, local congregations, community leaders.
• Skills: Accounting, History, Library Use, Listen, Lore, one interpersonal skill (Charm, Fast Talk, Intimidate, or Persuade), Other Language, Psychology/Insight, any one other skill.

Private Investigator
And we mean really private if you’re not white, because you probably don’t even have a license. The private investigator may have been a member of a police force in the past or a larger private investigation agency but has left that security for some reason. Or maybe he/she is just nosey.

•Occupation Skill Points: EDU × 2 + (DEX × 2 or STR × 2)
•Credit Rating: 9–30
•Suggested Contacts: Law enforcement, lawyers, clients.
•Skills: Art/Craft (photography), Disguise, Law, Library Use, one interpersonal skill (Charm, Fast Talk, Intimidate, or Persuade), Psychology, Spot Hidden and any one other skill as personal or era specialty (e.g. Computer Use, Locksmith, Fighting, Firearms).

Professor/Scientist/Academic (Academic)
You are one of the few African-Americans to graduate from college, navigating your way through institutional racism and social divides. Possibly, you nurtured a natural talent or learned along the way, but you are changing the world through scientific innovation and determination in your chosen field of study.

• Occupation Skill Points: EDU × 3 + POW × 1
• Credit Rating: 5–45
• Suggested Contacts: academics, activists, and other scientists.
• Skills: Any three Science specialties, History, Library Use,
one interpersonal skill (Charm, Fast Talk, Intimate, or
Persuade), Natural World, Spot Hidden.

Runner (Criminal)
You work in the numbers game, also known as the “policy game.” A game that can turn a pauper into a millionaire, if they pick the right numbers! Well, that’s what you tell people to get them to buy into a game. You know the day everyone gets paid, you know who needs a break, and you occasionally
spin a number or two to help those in need. You are a “knight errant” and “robber baron” all rolled into one for your boss. You could be just starting out or an experienced hand and well known to the Harlem gambling fraternity.

• Occupation Skill Points: EDU × 2 + (DEX × 2 or INT × 2)
• Credit Rating: 15–45
• Suggested Contacts: anyone gambling in Harlem, bookies, patrolmen, and mob types.
• Skills: Accounting, Fighting, Psychology/Insight, Spot Hidden, Stealth, two interpersonal skills (Charm, Fast Talk, Intimidate, or Persuade), and any one other skill as a personal or era specialty.

Writer (Author)
You are an author and embrace the written word. There is power in the word to change the course of humanity. Many believe it to be a solitary existence, but you know better. You find yourself rubbing elbows with other writers and publishers of the Renaissance. You may find yourself documenting horrors, writing about the emotions that all humans experience, or bearing witness to the injustices of the ‘20s.

• Occupation Skill Points: EDU × 2 + POW × 2
• Credit Rating: 5–30
• Suggested Contacts: librarians, publishers, authors, and booksellers.
• Skills: Art (Literature), History, Library Use, Natural World or Occult, Other Language, Own Language, Psychology/Insight, any one other skill as a personal or era specialty.