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General descriptions.
Katherine Damor
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Katherine Damor, stands 4'10 and weights in at just over 85 lbs.  She has long waist length coppery hair that is often worn in a braided ponytail over her right shoulder.  Her body still has considerably amongst of baby fat on it that give her a frail chibi like appearance, her large blue/green intelligent eyes taking in the world around her in awe.  Despite her great beauty for her young age, she has no curves to speak of yet.  Her body also lacks much of the muscle tone that many of her peers have developed, clearly a sign of lack of any real effort being put into exercise.

When it comes to her clothing, amongst muggles she wears loose fitting clothing, usually some manner of hoodie with sweat pants and sneakers.  Often with logos on her clothing, or at the very least lines of a favorite song on the frontside.  Amongst wizards she prefers to wear her school clothing, which she intentionally buys one size to large to obscure her and make it harder to make out any specific details of her face and body.

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