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Tue 6 Jul 2021
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Character creation and mechanics
1. As stated 5th edition level 5 characters.

2. Use the following array - 15, 14, 14, 13, 11, 10

3. Per Tasha's any bonuses to racial stats may be placed where you wish as long as they are the same.

4. Hit points will be full at first level and 2/3's rounded up for other level.

5. Weapon and spell damage will be set at average damage, no need to roll.
   Critical's will be maximum damage for the critical damage plus average for the base.

6. Characters have known each other for the past five years or so, having completed several adventures together.

7. Also inspiration will function differently due to my dislike of the way the die roller tends to roll (if your luck is similar to mine). All characters will have their level divided by five plus one (2 for starting characters). These will reset between adventure or during certain times or locations.

8. (For any future tidbits that may require a place to be put.)

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