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OOC Topic.

Posted by KantolinFor group 0
GM, 1 post
Thu 1 Jul 2021
at 01:03
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OOC Topic

Mostly for me to figure out how RPOL works, feel free to post here.
Adama Godseeker
player, 1 post
Fri 2 Jul 2021
at 03:23
  • msg #2

OOC Topic

In reply to Kantolin (msg # 1):

Me testing how to add posts to threads. I never do play by posts, so bear with me.
Adama Godseeker
player, 2 posts
Mon 5 Jul 2021
at 14:37
  • msg #3

OOC Topic

In reply to Adama Godseeker (msg # 2):

so do I add to posts by replying to the last in the list or the top?
Adama Godseeker
player, 3 posts
Mon 5 Jul 2021
at 14:51
  • msg #4

OOC Topic

okay, clearly not, how do I just plain make a post here... other than hitting reply and then erasing the auto-inserted "in reply to X" lines.
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Adama Godseeker
player, 4 posts
Mon 5 Jul 2021
at 19:49
  • msg #5

OOC Topic

why is the post reply button in the bottom right corner? Whe not at the top? ah well, I found it.
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