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Fri 2 Jul 2021
at 22:22
New Player Information and Request to Join
I am looking for 4-6 players who can post an average of once per day. This game will be run using the Icon's system of rules. Please read the Game Information about how superheroes came to be as it will affect the origin of your character.

If interested in this game, please send me a request to join. Also indicate what are your favorite superhero comics and movies. Let me know if you prefer DC or Marvel. If there is a specific character archetype you would like to play, please let me know. Likewise, if you prefer to roll randomly for abilities or prefer to be surprised and have the GM create your character, please indicate that as well.

Also, let me know who your character is before the event that grants them superpowers. Also let me know what type of power you prefer and what powers you prefer to avoid.

In true superhero comic fashion, the team roster is flexible. If you wish to try another character, the game will be flexible enough so that you can trade in new characters into the team.