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Chapter 1:Induction

The Quarian slams the disobedient controls of his frigate. A number of displays flashing a cautionary yellow switch to threatening red. With every wave of his hands: the pilot seems to solve nothing, and the number of error messages grow.

Switching the last of the ship's various VI protocols over to manual control, Kee'Tira needed only to guide the front of their craft towards the landing bay of his intended destination. [Result 10: Expert]

The nose of the Azhanoch dances in the view of it's cockpit, and Kee'Tira crashes his beloved frigate into the docking bay of Beta-Heyen. The painted metal sides of his ship leave terrible streaks of damage across the floor of the landing bay, and upon hitting oxygen erupt into a terrible metal screeching and shower of sparks. Coming to a stop, crumpled, flaming and pressurizing, the ship's escape hatch comes open and it's pilot steps into the bay.

Kee'Tira tuned out the sound of an expensive disaster behind him, and focuses on the other sounds in the landing bay. Red floodlights were flashing, strobing the whole area in a disheartening light.

The communications system was blaring:

Warning: Warning: Warning: Warning: Warning: Warning:
Fire detected in the landing bay. Evacuate immediately.
Warning: Warning: Warning: Warning: Warning: Warning:
Depressurization imminent. Depressure-

Soon, there was silence from the communication system that seemed odd to the Quarian, until his HUD informed him that the depressurizing around him had completed, and the suit had switched to on-board oxygen supply. The landing bay-- now in a serene silence-- was easier to navigate for the frightened wanderer. His ship came to a injured rest after the fire was extinguished, and needed only to be secured. [Result 7: Average] After working on it for as long as his on-board oxygen would allow, Kee'Tira was certain between the damage and his work that it would be too difficult to steal.

Switching back to his filters, Kee'Tira stepped into the station's oxygen and prepared to face some very angry customs officers.

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Chapter 1:Induction
Beta-Heyen is a station in chaos on a good day. Originally a tourist trap, for rich humans who wanted the experience of Omega without leaving the safety of the local cluster: Beta-Heyen turned into a shadow of it's inspiration after only a decade in service. The more successful dance clubs bought out the smaller stores until only three major players landed in positions of influence: turning B-Hey into a well balanced machine, oiled with the misbegotten wealth of Earthen dilettantes.

Currently, Beta-Heyen is in total crisis. Some event had temporarily shut off all technology on the station, as though hit by a great electromagnetic explosion. After an hour in the inky black of space, with no life support systems began to come online, one by one.

The population was scrambling. The blackout provided a great opportunity for talentless criminals with no plan, and the station descended into Purge-style conflict while citizens wondered if they should be fighting over money, food or space on escape pods. Station security--run mercilessly by a young Salarian named Tarik Quelio-- was exercising liberal use of both their megaphones and firearms once they were working again.

Station employees shepherded wealthy clients into their stores to hide, and calculated what fair sheltering costs would be. Leisure services were all under the purview of a Turian sensate, and his syndicate. The largest nightclub was quickly turned into a war room, and storefronts across the station served as bastions against the chaos-- for anyone with working credit transactions.

Below the civilian decks, an Asari team worked tirelessly to regain control of the station's electronics. The talented cabal got the simplest systems up first, the more moving parts needed to be recalibrated, the longer it would take them. After getting lights, heat and oxygen running through a majority of the station, they set about troubleshooting what happened to the VIs that were supposed to be doing this for them.

All in all, it took less than an hour for Beta-Heyen to become a warzone.

I've never done open-form roleplay like this, so stay with me as I work out everything. All of the characters will be starting out on Beta-Heyen. You have total control over your introduction, backstory, actions and status. Go nuts. Just be sure to include why your character happens to be in this economic station instead of at the Reaper fight when Shepard sacrifices himself.