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Any house rules, optional content such as Kin or Talents to be aware of.


To correspond as close as possible to sunrise and sunset in winter time (i.e. you'd typically be going to sleep when it gets dark out in the wild.) The Quarter days for Journeys are:

Morning is 3am to 9am
Daytime is 9am to 3pm
Evening is 3pm to 9pm
Nighttime is 9pm to 3am


Note that we are NOT using the extended Hidden Combo combat actions.


For speed, I will roll for everyone's Initiative when we get in to combat. And, as with the initiative card system 1 is the highest result and 10 is the slowest...

DODGE RULE, (pg 92)

To clarify, you can elect not to fall Prone after taking a DODGE action by taking a -2 Penalty to the MOVE roll to attempt the DODGE.

PUSHING ROLLS and the Die Roller

So when you PUSH a die roll it is only the BASE die and GEAR die that have the potential to cause damage to you or your gear.

As we're not using different coloured die on RPOL, we need a way to track which die represent what, so after determining how many die are rolled, the order they are read is always going to be:

BASE die, SKILL, die, GEAR die and finally ARTEFACT DIE.

So, for example, you have 4 Strength, 2 Melee and a +1 weapon. You'd roll 7d6 total, with only the first 4 and last 1 counting toward and damage for PUSHING if they roll 1's. Note that all rolls will require the 'record every die' box to be checked so we can track that.


As we are not using the Combat Cards fighting system, I have added the following homebrew fighter's Talent to use instead:

Path of the Commander

Skilled in the art of war, a good commander is able to read the battlefield and lend their expertise where it is most needed.

* Rank 1: As a Full Action the character spends a WP point and makes a Manipulate check with each success generating a pool of bonus die they are able to give to any ally in sight when they make a Melee or Marksman skill check.

* Rank 2: As Rank 1, but the bonus die can also be spent on Dodge and Parry skill rolls made by their allies.

* Rank 3: At this Rank using the Path of the Commander Talent only takes a Fast Action. In addition to the other Ranks, the talent may now be used to aid allies when they are setting an Ambush, Retreating or making a Sneak Attack.

The bonus die can be used at any appropriate point in the encounter. The character can use this talent multiple times during a combat encounter, so long as they have WP to spend. However, at the end of the encounter any bonus die in the pool are lost.