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Sun 25 Jul 2021
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IC: Welcome to Morvale
[Lushday, 1st day of Summerrise,  Morning]

Two half-elves, a halfling and a wolfkin walk into a bar... We'll, it's bound to happen at some point.

Jabari and Copper, the wolfkin and halfling with an unusual bond, Alkin and Morin two half-elf brothers reunited after years of separation... An unusual group indeed are traveling in the Belifar region of the Ravenlands, united by the common goal of survival in these wild and dangerous times.

Five scant years have passed since the Blood Mist dissipated, allowing relatively safe passage through these Forbidden Lands once more. Our party find themselves on the outskirts of some farmed land, in sight of a small village, an old wooden signpost bearing the name 'Morvale'.

A stone wall surrounds the village, with a large house standing proudly on the top of a small hill sat in the middle of the settlement. A few human folk work the fields, though they pay you no attention at the moment, hard at work as they are.

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Sun 25 Jul 2021
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IC: Welcome to Morevale
Another outpost of civilization. Another stinking dead-land, torn up and despoiled by furless.

Not that villages didn't have their advantages, too. Jabari had reconciled himself to that since leaving the Fangwoods. He couldn't bring himself to like them, though.

He didn't have the same knack for reading people that he did for reading the land, but some things about approaching a village had become routine, if not quite ritual. "The market or the inn first?" he wondered aloud, casting a slow glance along the wall and then out over the fields (and farmers) to the sides. "Or talk to these ones to find out what's happening before we go in?"
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Mon 26 Jul 2021
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IC: Welcome to Morevale

"Morvale, huh?"
Said Copper as he looked out over the fields.

"Interesting that humans are attending the field for a Halfling village.  There will be inequity there, and rumours.  It's like scouting something before advancing.  Perhaps we shall uncover some danger, like Rust influence."

"I think we should scout out the humans first and work our way inwards to the inn. Halflings enjoy their drink and it will be there social network hub of the village. They also may know some recent deaths in the village which would be work for us."

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Tue 27 Jul 2021
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IC: Welcome to Morevale
There was an air of gloom over the half elf but then that was a common state for one such as him.

He could feel the dead in their graves near the wall of the town. At least they seemed quiet for now

"Cooper I think you need to relax a bit but if it makes you happy please be my guest and scout about. The dead are quiet so there will be no problem with them at least"

He then waited silently for the others to decide what to do next
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Wed 28 Jul 2021
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IC: Welcome to Morvale
Nodding to the other's remarks, Morin ensures his own strides as they approach the village veer towards where the farmers work in the fields. He presents as a simple traveller, without much to his name, but his smile is well-worn and tousled as his hair as he pauses at the edge of the path and calls out, "Morning! Any news from Morvale? Is there an inn in the village for some footsore travellers?"