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Thu 8 Jul 2021
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Game Info, RTJ, Setting, Character Generation
This topic holds all the info you need to play the game and generate characters. The sections are as follows and you can scroll down to them all.

  • Game Info
  • Request To Join
  • Setting
  • Character Generation

I'm choosing to keep this all in one topic to keep the board clean as I can see running more than one group at a time through these maps.
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Thu 8 Jul 2021
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Game Info, RTJ, Setting, Character Generation
Game Information

As said in the game information this is a roguelike using the "Risus: The Anything RPG" ruleset.  You can get it For FREE at DriveThruRPG


This is a dungeon crawl through random one page dungeons I find online.  Each level will be a different dungeon with different obstacles and mobs to deal with.

The goal is to go through all 25 levels to reach the bottom, get the Amulet of Risus and return to the surface.

Since Character Generation is so easy I decided to have this be permadeath like a roguelike.

Remember, you're playing a computer character.  When you get to character generation don't work too hard on backstory and motivations, etc.  I'm not going to go that route with this game.  For this game I'm learning the rules and just having fun with a dungeon crawl.

About Me:
I'm new to GM'ing.  I play Pathfinder 1e and 2e here on RPOL.  Played in a weekly Pathfinder 1e game for about a year and enjoy the game.  However, I wanted to remove some of the confusing rules from my gaming and came across Risus.

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Thu 8 Jul 2021
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Game Info, RTJ, Setting, Character Generation
Request To Join (RTJ)

What I like about Risus is that you can pretty much make up any character you can imagine with some creative writing.  You'll need to provide:

  • Character Name
  • Character Description/concept - like a class and what this character is and is about
  • Cliches - 3 to 4. Don't worry about assigning dice at this point
  • Background - Not needed.  Remember you're playing computer characters.  We only need the concept which would be like the class or what this character is and is about.  I don't want you guys working too hard on complex backstories right now.

I'm learning to GM and learning Risus so don't think too hard about motivations, etc. for your character.  You are playing a computer character in an MMO.

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Thu 8 Jul 2021
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Game Info, RTJ, Setting, Character Generation


You and your friends play an MMO called The Amulet of Risus.  The goal is to make it down to level 25, grab the amulet and get back to level 0; the ground above level 1.

Feel free to roleplay what you're doing, how people are thinking, have conversations, figure out puzzles, etc.  I'm not completely sure if there will be excessive roleplay.  There will be some.  Make sure to have a basic backstory, but don't go to in-depth.  We can talk about it during the acceptance and the chargen.

It's a dungeon with 25 levels that are randomly generated as in traditional Roguelikes.  Think Rogue, Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup, etc.  I'm using several sources from One Page Dungeons to online dungeon generators.  So everything will be random.  The mobs will use cliches that are most like their traditional RPG counterparts.  For example, A Red Dragon might look like this in Risus:

Name: Red Dragon
Description: A Red Dragon that breathes fire, flys and has dangerous claws.
Breathes Fire (3)
Flys (3)
Sharp, Dangerous claws (4)

So in this case you don't worry about perception, or other skills.  Just what the dragon is known for.

For a Player Character (PC) that might look like this: