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Barbarian, bard, cleric, paladin, druid, knight, mage, monk, thief, sorcerer, warlock

Your people, who are often seen by others as backward and uncivilized with strange rituals, follow an animal totem. Choose what animal you follow. (suggestions: wolf, bear, eagle, seal, bull, horse)

Bard: You sing or play an instrument or both. (Suggestions: vocal only, drum, flute, mandolin, bagpipes, ocarina, viol)

Cleric: You follow the path of the divine. (Suggestions: deity of: healing, protection, battle, justice, fire, storm, sun)

Paladin: You are an armored warrior who follows the path of the divine. (Suggestions: deity of: healing, protection, battle, justice, fire, storm, sun)

Druid: You are an adventurer who follows the path of nature-- you can also turn into animals (and trees, although this has a somewhat more limited usefulness). Choose the land you feel the most close to. (Suggestions: Arctic, Coast, Desert, Forest, Jungle, Plains, Mountains, Hills, Swamp, Caverns)

Knight: You are an armored knight who strives to uphold an ideal. Choose a virtue that is particularly important to you. (Suggestions: Honor, Bravery, Moderation, Faith, Truth, Compassion, Peace, Humility, Patience, Generosity)

Mage: You are a scholar of arcane lore and a caster of spells. Choose a type of spellcasting you specialize in. (Suggestions: illusions, freezing stuff, transforming things, summoning things, strengthening things, weakening things)

Monk: You are an unarmored master of martial arts. Choose a type of art you specialize in. (Suggestions: Iron hand, iron foot, light step, rubber body, godlike speed, pressure point striking, ultimate defense, unstoppable attack, drunken master)

Thief: You are a sneaky master of breaking and entering and escape. Choose a specialty. (Suggestions: Breaking-and-entering, stealing, surprise attack, one with the shadows, traps, escape artist)

Sorcerer: You don't study-- you've just got magic in your blood. Choose a magical heritage. (Suggestions: draconic magic, troll magic, fairy magic, giant magic, mer-magic, djinn magic)

Warlock: You can do magic because you made a bargain with a very powerful magical being. Choose your patron from this list:

--Djinn (patron is a genie, a sort of very powerful elemental from the plane of air. Patron's agenda is unclear, but at least it seems to involve fighting evil.)

--Archfey (patron is a very powerful fairy. Patron seems to just want the warlock to do big dramatic exciting things for entertainment value.)

--Ghost (patron is a very powerful ghost. Patron seems to want the warlock to get vengeance on behalf of wronged persons everywhere.)

--Weapon (patron is the warlock's weapon, a sentient magical weapon that just wants to be used for fighting and stuff.)

STEP 2: Choose a Species for your character, and a gender (any choice counts as an acceptable choice, including "genderfluid" and "no gender"), and a name!


Choose 2 you're good at:

--FORCEFUL: Being strong and tough and good at fighting with brute force.
--AGILITY: Being fast and sneaky and good at dodging. Bards and Thieves use this to Get Violent.
--INSIGHTFUL: Good at spotting and remembering important stuff, including scavenging for stuff. Mages use this to Get Violent.
--CHARMING: Good at negotiating, persuading.

When you make a move,
--announce that you're making it, and say how many characters are making it (team-ups are allowed as long as not more than 3 dice are rolled), and then
--roll for it-- roll 1d6 and add one extra die if you're good at that sort of thing-- then
--either you or the GM will narrate the results, or you'll both sort of cooperate to do it.

Characters who team up on a roll to try to get better results may also share the consequences, good and bad!

MOVES: THERE ARE ONLY EIGHT MOVES (that's the "Lite" part!):

Avoid Danger
When you attempt something in spite of the possible consequences, make a roll, adding 1 extra die for each teammate's Stat that helps.
--On a roll of 6, you pull it off.
--On 4 or 5, the GM will tell you what it will cost to succeed.

Avoid Danger is for when your character is trying something risky. You could be trying to climb up a tall wall, sneak past a set of enemies, or duck for cover to avoid getting

The consequence is purposefully open-ended. When it says the GM will tell you what it will cost to succeed, the consequences are entirely in his hands. This means he might tell you the move will put you in a bad position, or that you could take Harm doing it, or any number of other things (like losing an item). Itís up to the player if the cost is worth pressing forward.

When you are trying to help a teammate with a Trauma, roll. Roll +1 die if you are Charming or Insightful (but just +1, even if you're both (note-- if the teammate with the Trauma is Charming or Insightful, it doesn't matter. All that matters is whether you are or not).
--On a roll of higher than 3, their Trauma penalty goes away. Narrate what you say to them to make them feel better!
--On a 3, you choose: either their Trauma penalty goes away, but enemies attack right afterward, OR, Their Trauma penalty does NOT go away, but there is NOT an attack.
--On a 2, their Trauma penalty goes away, but enemies attack right afterward!
--On a 1, your consoling talk is interrupted by an attack!

Get Violent:
When you use force against someone, make a roll, adding 1 extra die for each teammate's Stat that helps (see below).

--On a roll of 6, you defeat the enemy. Narrate how this happens!
--On a roll of 4 or 5, you defeat them, but you take Harm or Trauma or lose an item, too (the GM decides which).
--On a roll of 3 or lower, you defeat them, and you take Harm or Trauma, too (the GM decides which), AND you lose something.

Get Violent is for when you are using force to get what you want. This isn't threats, but physically acting against someone by any means necessary.

--Barbarian, cleric, paladin, druid, knight, sorcerer, warlock: all Get Violent using Forceful.
--Bard, thief: Get Violent using Agile.
--Mages: Get Violent using Insightful.
--Monks: May choose to Get Violent using Forceful OR Agile (you choose each time) (but you can't choose both at the same time).

Head Back to the Village Early: Heading back to the village seems like a no-brainer, because all Harm can be removed there without a roll, but attempting to do it before a given level of dungeon is fully cleared out is always risky, because intelligent monsters could have set up an ambush or a trap.

When you attempt to Head Back to the Village Early to try to get some rest and food, make a roll. (If Insightful is used, add +1 die for each teammate with it who's helping to keep a sharp eye and/or ear out).

--On a roll of 6, you make it back without incident. Remove all Harm. You can also trade Loot for Items.
--On a 5 or 4, you trigger a trap. Take 1 Harm or lose an item (GM's choice).
--On a 3 or 2, you are ambushed. Move to Get Violent, but roll one less die than you normally would (minimum of 1).
--On a 1, you trigger a trap causing 1 Harm or losing an item (GM's choice) AND THEN you're ambushed. Move to Get Violent, but roll one less die than you normally would (minimum of 1).

Make Camp:
When you Make Camp and try to get some rest and food, make a roll. (If Insightful is used, add +1 die for each teammate with it who's helping to set up camp and keep watch).
--On a roll of 6 or 5, remove 2 Harm.
--On a 4 or 3, remove 1 Harm.
--On a 2, remove 1 Harm, but 1 Trauma happens (unless a party member already has Trauma).
--On a 1, no Harm is removed, and 1 Trauma happens (unless a party member already has Trauma).

Move Forward:
When you move to a new area of the dungeon, make a roll, adding 1 extra die for each teammate's Insightful Stat that helps (max of 3).

--On a roll of 6, choose one thing from the following list.
--On a 4 or 5, the GM chooses one thing from the following list:

∑ There is a person, some persons, a monster, or some monsters here! On a 6, you spot them first. On a 4 or 5, they spot you first. On a 3 or lower, they spot you first and will always attack!
∑ There is something valuable here! (It might be hard to get ahold of it, though...)
∑ You find something hidden here! (It may or may not be Loot, but it will be of interest...)
∑ You find a clue here about something nearby. Take +1 die toward your next Move Forward roll.

The GM will narrate the results.

Loot The Area:
When you Loot an area (which you can't do during combat, and there's no time to do it right before combat is about to happen), make a roll, adding 1 extra die for each teammate's Insightful Stat that helps (max of 3).
--On a roll of 6, you find Loot, and at least one Minor Item, if not more/better.
--On a roll of 4 or 5, you find a little loot, or maybe just one Minor Item.
--On a roll of 3 or lower, you don't really find much of interest-- you might even take a little Harm!

The GM will narrate the results.

Talk It Over
When you ask something from someone willing to listen (who is not a party member), make a make a roll, adding 1 extra die for each teammate's Charming Stat that helps (max of 3).
--On a roll of 6, you convince them to help you.
--On a 4 or 5, they demand something more in return.
--On a 3 or lower, they're not interested in cooperating. They might even chase you away.

Talk It Over is for situations when you have someone who is already willing to listen to you. This is not for dissuading hostile or violent enemies. You must have a good reason why they should listen to you in order to use this move.

You could attempt to bribe someone with Loot, or explain how helping you is also in their best interest, but some reason that makes the person willing to listen to an outcast like you is necessary.

If they demand something in return, they might ask for something physical they want or a favor, but they'll refuse to help until youíve completed your end of the bargain first.

LOOT: Players have the opportunity to gain Loot, which represents the various bits of precious metals, gems, and other valuables PCs find. Loot can be spent to gain additional items, or to bribe intelligent beings who are willing to negotiate.

Items: There are three types of Items: Mundane, Minor, and Major.

Mundane items cost 1 Loot. These are simple tools and pieces of equipment that don't help your rolls as such, but can be used to increase your options within the narrative.

Minor items cost 2 Loot, and are items with a single, quick effect. You may use this item to roll an extra die for a single move, after which the Minor Item is expended.

Major items cost 4 Loot, and are items with a sustained effect. You may use this item to roll an extra die for any move for which you can explain how it could help, but only until using it results in a failure or until the end of the mission.

All characters start with one Mundane Weapon, and 2 Loot worth of Items. (They don't start with any Loot, they start with one Mundane Weapon and 2 Loot worth of Items.)

Hirelings, if you want them, can also count as Items. A Mundane Hireling just helps out by carrying a torch or helping carry your Loot or supplies or whatever. A Minor Hireling could be good at one Stat, and could help you with one dice roll one time. A Major Hireling could help you just like a Major item-- they could help you with one stat until using it results in a failure (although if you Go Back To The Village, you could start using them again later).

BUT since Hirelings count as Items, they can be lost, too! Be sure to tell your GM if you want Hirelings, since it could be very sad if you lost one (or more than one)!

The adventuring group has been asked to go to the ancient (you pick!)
--ruins (abandoned castles, fortresses, lost cities, tombs, prisons, monasteries, etc.)
--caverns (see also mines sea caves, volcanic caverns, etc.)
--derelict ship graveyard
--city sewers
nearby and clear it all out, get rid of any dangers. (If there are any beings living there that can convince the group that they are peaceful or mean no harm, they may be allowed to remain.)

Each PC begins with 3 HP.

If one takes HARM, one loses 1 HP (and gets 1 HARM).

If a PC loses all its HP, down to zero, that character dies! Time to make a new character (of a different class)...!

TRAUMA: When a character has TRAUMA, it means one of their Stats is deactivated (the GM will tell you which). It can't be used again to help rolls until the Trauma is removed by being successfully Consoled.

The GM's Trauma list:
1--I had to make a hard choice, and my beliefs got tested painfully
2--I'm feeling terrible because this whole adventure is really testing my faith in the divine
3--I'm experiencing trauma about something in my past
4--I'm experiencing trauma about how I had to kill someone (probably self-defense/to save someone else)
5--I'm feeling terrible because I failed to kill when I should have
6--I'm feeling terrible because I'm sad we had to kill that monster even though it was a monster
7--I'm feeling terrible because I lashed out at my teammate during that last battle
8--I'm feeling terrible because I basically picked a fight with someone recently
9--I'm feeling terrible because I killed or attacked someone or something even though it wasn't necessary
10--I'm experiencing trauma about a wound I got
11--I'm feeling terrible because I almost let you down
12--I'm feeling terrible because I let you down
13--I'm feeling terrible because what if I fail next time?
14--I'm feeling terrible because I'm not meeting my own standards
15--I'm feeling terrible because I failed to kill when I should have
16--I'm feeling terrible because we only kicked the problem down the road, didn't really solve it
17--I'm feeling terrible because what we achieved recently doesn't bring back those we've lost
18--I'm feeling terrible because even though I succeeded, I don't feel better
19--I'm feeling terrible because I'm still angry and can't let go of it
20--I'm feeling terrible because I accidentally hurt you
21--I'm feeling terrible because because I liked the violence
22--I'm feeling terrible because I'm getting old, can't do this like I used to
23--I'm feeling terrible because when the chips were down, I fumbled
24--I'm freaking out because I don't feel safe here, I'm feeling paranoid
25--I'm feeling terrible because it feels like something worse is coming
26--I'm feeling terrible because of a Fear spell/effect we recently encountered
27--I'm feeling the horror of encountering true evil recently
28--I'm feeling terrible because of the existential horror of encountering the undead
29--I'm feeling terrible because of unrequited love (of an NPC, not a teammate)
30--I'm feeling terrible because for a second there I was actually tempted to betray you
31--I'm feeling terrible because I almost fell for it
32--I'm feeling terrible because that's just the burden of my curse
33--I'm feeling terrible because I feel accursed (without anything but circumstantial evidence that I have actually been cursed)
34--I'm feeling terrible because I'm just so angry
35--I'm feeling terrible because I'm deeply depressed
36--I'm feeling terrible because I'm sick
37--I'm feeling terrible because I got poisoned and it's still affecting me
38--I'm feeling terrible because we almost didn't escape
39--I'm feeling terrible because we had to leave them there and couldn't take them with us (or other Survivor's Guilt)
40--I'm feeling terrible because that NPC died and I couldn't save them
41--I'm feeling terrible because my horse/steed died
42--I'm feeling terrible because I had to keep quiet about the injustice we saw because it would've blown our cover otherwise
43--I'm feeling terrible because I respected that person and they let me/us down or betrayed me/us
44--I'm feeling terrible because that settlement of those poor NPCs got destroyed
45--I'm feeling terrible because I'm ashamed we had to run away//retreat
46--I'm feeling terrible because I/we almost died
47--I'm feeling terrible because something precious to me got lost or destroyed
48--I'm freaking out because a secret I felt I had to keep got revealed anyway
49--I'm feeling terrible because something I did made things worse
50--I'm feeling terrible because there's a price on my head//our heads

EFFECTS: Effects are just sort of like Symptoms of the real Trauma... roll again if the roll indicates one of these.
51--I can't sleep
52--I'm having traumatic flashbacks
53--I can't concentrate
54--Now that we're making camp I just can't stop crying
55--I'm acting obsessed
56--I need an intervention (addicted to something: drugs? drinking? magic? adrenaline?)
57--I need an intervention because I've started acting practically suicidal in battle
58--I've got no appetite anymore, don't want to eat//don't feel able to eat
59--I'm on the edge of losing it and start hysterical laughter
60--I've stopped feeling. Can't cry or grieve.
61--I can't talk // I'm walking/eating/fighting on autopilot // I'm nonresponsive when people try to talk to me

62-72: Choose an appropriate Class-Based TRAUMA, below.

--I'm worried because I feel like I'm losing touch with the ways of my people (barbarian)
--I'm feeling terrible because I had a vision of my totem trying to tell me something and I don't even know what it means (barbarian)
--I'm worried because I'm feeling like I've lost my creativity/inspiration (bard)
--I'm feeling terrible because I feel divinely abandoned (paladin, cleric)
--I'm feeling terrible because I judged someone and I realize now I was wrong to do it (paladin, cleric)
--I'm worried because I'm feeling cut off//disconnected from nature (druid)
--I'm worried because it's getting harder and harder for me to turn back to human form after being an animal or tree (druid)
--I'm worried because it's not getting literally harder for me to turn back to human form, but I'm increasingly wishing I could just stay in animal form (or hell, tree form) forever anyway (druid)
--I'm worried because the knighthood is threatening to kick me out because (make up a reason)  (knight)
--I'm worried because I feel like I'm losing touch with the ideal(s)I'm supposed to strive for (knight)
--I'm worried because it doesn't feel good anymore like it used to when I cast spells (mage)
--I'm feeling terrible because I literally created a monster (mage)
--I'm feeling terrible because I feel that I'm getting increasingly out of balance with myself and the universe (monk)
--I'm worried because my monastic order is threatening to kick me out because (make up a reason) (monk)
--I'm feeling terrible because what we're doing//just did is technically against the law and that's not the kind of person I thought I was (paladin)
--I'm worried because the Thieves' Guild is out to get me because (make up a reason) (thief)
--I'm worried because my magic is starting to get out of my control (sorcerer)
--I'm worried because I think I'm starting to turn into a monster the more I use my magic (sorcerer (draconic magic: dragon, troll magic: troll, fairy magic: starting to shrink to a pixie, giant magic: growing, mer-magic: mer-person (air's getting harder to breathe?), djinn magic: starting to turn into a sylph-- a partially-transparent, weightless, sort of flowing pale (maybe slightly transparent) air elemental that floats on the lightest breeze (willingly or unwillingly!)))
--I'm worried because my patron's starting to get impatient with me (warlock)

73-100: Just roll again

If a Trauma rolled doesn't seem like it could fit for some reason, then the GM will just roll again.

The GM will be reluctant to give Trauma to more than one character at a time.

"Can we ever level up?" You bet-- clear out your first dungeon and the whole party will level up, even if your character died and you had to make a new one. You'll be real badasses when you go to clear out your second dungeon...

"Do we have to kill our opponents?" Nope. The fact that you shouldn't feel bad about destroying them doesn't mean you have to do so. A sufficiently-successful roll means you DEFEAT them. If you decide that that means "I knock the evil cultist unconscious," that's up to you! Just write it that way! (Then you could interrogate them later if you think there's something they know that you want to know too!) Or just wipe 'em out if you want to! They shouldn't have chosen to be evil cultists in the first place! It's your call!



--SIR ROGER the Human Knight (Honor, Bravery) (Forceful, Charming) (Broadsword, Plate Mail, Helmet)
--AVERY the Half-Elf Mage (freezing things) (Insightful, Charming) (Spellbook, Staff, Robe)
--LARA the Human Thief (Surprise attack!) (Agile, Insightful) (Daggers, Leather Armor, Black Cloak)

--LARA rolls 2d6 (because she's Insightful) for Moving Forward: her highest roll (of 2 dice) is 3!

--THE GM NARRATES: A giant dung beetle attacks!

--SIR ROGER rolls to GET VIOLENT: Highest roll (of 2 dice) is 6! The party wins!

--SIR ROGER NARRATES: I use my broadsword and go for an eye... the giant beetle fights mightily to either crush me against the nearest wall or else bite me with its mandibles, but my mighty sinews prevail!

--LARA AND AVERY roll to Loot The Room: Highest roll (of 3 dice) is 6!

--THE GM NARRATES: The party finds 4 Loot! Specifically, 2 golden coins and a couple of nice small rubies. Shiny!

--LARA rolls 2d6 (because she's Insightful) for Moving Forward: 2 threes! Uh-oh!

--THE GM NARRATES: A gelatinous cube oozes forward, delighted to absorb you!

--SIR ROGER AND AVERY roll 3d6 (because Forceful and Insightful) to GET VIOLENT: the highest result is a 5.

--THE GM NARRATES: By freezing the cube and kicking it until it shatters, the party weakens the cube until it collapses into harmless green sludge. It'll never absorb anyone again. However, AVERY gets a TRAUMA: "I'm worried because it doesn't feel good anymore like it used to when I cast spells..." Avery's Insightful is damaged!

--LARA rolls 2d6 to Make Camp: highest result is a 4. Camp is made...

--LARA rolls 2d6 (because she is Insightful) to Console Avery: 6! "Listen, Avery, I hear what you're saying about casting spells not feeling the same to you... maybe it's just a temporary thing... But even if it's not, you're helping to do important work, and Sir Roger and I still care about how you're feeling..." Avery feels better!

--LARA AND AVERY roll to Move Forward: 6! The party chooses There is something valuable here!

--THE GM NARRATES that this large room contains a large statue depicting Calum, an evil queen from the ancient past. On her right hand, uplifted, is a ring with a large (and real) emerald worth 3 Loot... but it's 20 feet up!

--AVERY AND SIR ROGER could care less about a statue honoring Calum... they concoct a plan to try to knock the statue over, with Sir Roger pushing (Forceful) and Avery freezing the legs of the statue to make them more brittle... (Insightful) (3d6): 5!

--THE GM NARRATES that someone's definitely going to take Harm if they proceed with this plan... The party decides to leave the statue where it is.

--LARA AND AVERY roll to Move Forward: 4.

--THE GM NARRATES that there's a small but friendly community of gnomes living in this area. They offer to trade Loot for Items...

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