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Tue 17 Aug 2021
at 21:08
I've decided to make this thread to help keep track of Loot. (Although I won't bother keeping track of who's carrying what-- I'll leave that up to y'all if you want to keep track.)

--1 gold doubloon (1 Loot)
--1 piece of scrimshaw-- a bone from some ocean-going creature carved into the form of a bear
--1 silver firestarter box containing flint and steel (1 Loot.)
--1 gold ring in the form of a snake head with tiny emeralds for eyes (1 Loot.)
--1 wooden jewelry box, beautifully carved with dragons (1 Loot.)
--1 solid silver candlestick (1 Loot.)
--1 Bag of Slightly Good Holding: holds more than it should be able to. Not a LOT more... like 15% more. But hey, free useful bag! (1 Loot.)
--good buccaneer boots. Do you know how hard it is to find boots of this quality? Who cares that a zombie was the last one wearing them? (1 Loot.)
--excellent tri-corner hat: This is a seriously good-quality hat! Keeps the sun and rain off you. Who cares that a zombie was wearing it? (1 Loot.)
--A silver-inlaid straight-razor. Always sharp. I mean, it's not MAGICALLY sharp, it won't cut through stone or anything, but it has been enchanted not to never lose its edge. (2 Loot.)

--nothing currently

MINOR ITEMS (used up after 1 use):
--1 potion of friendliness: (use this small potion for +1 die on a Charming roll) (2 Loot.)
--Spoon of Salt: This magic spoon is on its last charge, but it'd be handy if you were attacked by a plant. Or, like, a slug or snail or something. (+1 die roll to attack plants, slugs, and/or snails. (Yes, even over the normal maximum of 3).) (2 Loot.)
--Healing Pill. Will cure 1 Harm instantly. (2 Loot.)

--Bracers of Mental Deflection: With these bracers, 1 Harm is always deflected from the wearer... but it's converted into psychic feedback damage (Trauma) or confusion (something you're carrying will be lost)   CURRENTLY WORN BY: EVAN

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