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Sat 10 Jul 2021
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Besides distributing your stats, answer the following questions about your Chaosite character.

1. Choose a House
(or, if you want, the GM will just choose one for you). All houses have at least one special ability or perk that you can choose to get when you level up.

For the list of houses, see the "What You Know" thread.

2. Gender? Male, female, non-binary, fluid, other.

3. IF you are not familiar with the Amber books, skip this step: Some important houses in the Courts of Chaos are fascinated with the royal family of Amber, even secretly venerating them as demigods, or sort-of saints. IF you are familiar with the Amber books, feel free to pick an Amberite for this purpose now.

Suggestions: if you want a suggestion, my suggestion is to base it on your highest stat.
Forceful: Gerard or Benedict
Agile: Random or Corwin
Insightful: Fiona or Bleys
Charming: Flora or Llewella
Confident: Julian or Delwin

4. Looks and Gear:  All Chaosites have (at least) two forms. One looks like a standard human (except for mmmmaybe hair and eye and skin color). The other looks like a monster. It can be
--a big hulking monster (Forceful), or
--a skinny, wiry, tough monster (Agile), or
--an extra-freaky-looking and honestly kind of disgusting monster (Insightful)
--a VERY scary but also kinda hot monster (Charming), or
--a VERY tough extra-scary average-size monster (Confident),

but it's pretty much gonna be one of those five types, in general (to start off with, anyway).

Describe your two forms you'll start with. You can change from your human-looking form to your other form at will. (Sometimes when you level up the GM will let you pick a third form! Wouldn't that be neat!)

Gear: Describe what you're wearing and what gear you commonly carry around with you. This should include a weapon of some sort, though it could be concealed. No firearms nor explosives work in the Courts of Chaos. Most common are swords and daggers.

Your main weapon can be a LITTLE magical (so sharp it cuts through metal armor! It burns with fire on command! It's a little poisoned!), but not super-awesome magical.

When you change forms, anything you're carrying or wearing in or on your human form disappears, and reappears when you change back, because magic!

5: Name! (This could have gone anywhere, really, but since I forgot about it at first, I'm calling it #5.)

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