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building your character
In addition to what ever a chosen class gives, all characters have a minimum of the following.
  • 8 sided hit dice, or by class if higher.
  • base attack 3/4 hd (as cleric), or by class if higher.
  • good reflex saves.

roll 2d6+8 for each ability.

all HP is maxed at each level

Starting level:
All new characters start at lvl 3, this means that there will be times that existing higher level characters will need to train and escort their weaker companions until they are strong enough.

level adjust +1 races may be allowed if the race seems reasonable to the gm.

Players that wish to play typically evil races, need to remember that the redemption arc of your characters has just begun. Your character has not had enough time to convince anyone but your fellow party members that there is a chance you could be a good guy.

All characters must be humanoid type. (rare exceptions may be made for a select few monstrous humanoid type races)

XP awards:
  • Xp will be awarded at the completion of every plot point.
  • Xp will be awarded at the completion of every encounter.
  • Xp will be awarded upon PERMINANTLY eliminating certain obstacles.

Number of characters:
Each player will carry a cast of 9 inactive characters and 1 active characters. The first 10 characters will be exact duplicates your first character but with sequentially one less con.

As a player's characters die they may fill in the remaining open character slots with additional back up characters.

Why so many characters you may ask...because character death is something that will happen if your character (or its allies) are/is too reckless.

as characters gain enough levels to take leadership feat (if they take the feat) they can store critical NPCs in those 9 inactive slots.

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