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Wed 14 Jul 2021
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building your character
In addition to what ever a chosen class gives, all characters have a minimum of the following.
  • 8 sided hit dice, or by class if higher.
  • base attack 3/4 hd (as cleric), or by class if higher.
  • good reflex saves.

roll 2d6+8 for each ability.

all HP is maxed at each level

Starting level:
All new characters can only have a maximum of a single level in any spell casting class.

All characters must be humanoid type.
{humanoid is defined as 2 legs, 2 arms, and moves through bipedal movement.}
(rare exceptions may be made for a select few monstrous humanoid type races)

XP awards:
  • Xp will be awarded at the completion of every plot point.
  • Xp will be awarded at the completion of every encounter.
  • Xp will be awarded upon PERMINANTLY eliminating certain obstacles.

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Wed 18 May 2022
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building your character
Anyone that would like to rebuild thier character, is free to do so.

Opening level is also up for discussion.