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Resource: Caladan
Star System: Delta Pavonis
Moons: One
Habitable Class V (easily sustains human life without preconditions)
Noble House: Atreides (now extinct), currently ruled by Count Hasimir Fenring, Siridar-Absentia
Primary Exports: Agricultural (produce, tourism, and wines)
Population: Numerous and living on all parts of the planet
Languages Galach and Caladanian


Caladan is a vibrant ocean planet with a scattering of landmasses. It is the third planet in the Delta Pavonis system.


As the Butlerian Jihad raged across the universe, Caladan remained one of the few Unallied Planets siding neither with the thinking machines or the League of Nobles. Caladan's only political engagement was a league of fishing worlds with Salusa Secundus that would support one another during the war under the founder of House Atreides, Vorian Atreides.

House Atreides had long ruled over Caladan and create a near-democratic world. House Atreides ruled the people with a fair hand under a duchy and siridar fief of the Imperium. Fair and just treatment endeared the people to the Atreides and its military alike, and created a fiercely loyal populace. Caladan's military defense is composed primarily of strong aerial and naval forces, making it practically impenetrable to outside forces unfamiliar with the terrain and the methods of defense and attack it prescribes.

Two years ago, in 10191 AG, the Atreides were ordered by the Padishah Emperor Shaddam IV to relinquish the fief that had been their home for 10,000 years to take control of the fief of Arrakis, also known as Dune, both the greatest prize and threat in the Imperium. It would prove to be their grave, just as intended.

The Duke Leto Atreides, his Bene Gesserit Consort, his heir, and their senior officers were to a man and woman eliminated in an act of treachery that will echo through the history of the Imperium. And yet, in every crisis, there is an opportunity. While Caladan has been ruled by Count Hasimir Fenring, Siridar-Absentia, through his personal agents, with the recent destruction of the Atreides family, he is expected to return to Arrakis and elevate one of the Houses Minor to House Major and the title and privileges of the Count or Countess of Caladan and a coveted Directorship in CHOAM. Power and wealth will be theirs beyond anything they could have hoped for in the seemingly interminable shadow of the Atreides.


Caladan's populace are sea people by birth. The water, fishing, and aquatic life are ingrained into them and influence every aspect of their lives. The planet has a strongly liberal culture with the concept of education and exposure to the arts for all its citizens, regardless of class.

Environment and Points of Interest

Rain and water are the two most prominent features of the planet’s ecosystem, making it a paradise for agricultural economy, simple sea life, and tourism. Over 70 percent of the planet’s surface is water, and there are three main continents:

The Western Continent

The largest and most industrialized of the three continents. Its major population center and capital is Cala City, home to both Castle Caladan – the seat of Atreides power – and the main spaceport, Cala Spaceport. Much of the island’s coast is lowlands perfect growing pundi rice, a major food staple across the Imperium and the main export of Caladan. Located off the eastern coast are paradan melon farms and the eastern coral reefs where divers can find rich coral gem beds. There is a larger sister-reef off the southwestern coast as well. The interior of the continent is mostly grassy plains with scattered forests and several other natural features popular with tourists such as the relaxation found at Lake Argent, the rafting along the Gorges River, exploring and hiking in Agamemnon Canyon, and climbing the highest elevation point on Caladan: Mount Syubi. The second largest city on Caladan is Horizon, a community dedicated to the cultivation of pundi rice and the main point of departure on and beneath a small chain of three islands off the southern tip of the continent that serves as one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Imperium: Underwater Park.

The Southern Continent

The southern continent is home to the major wine growing regions on its northern half and paradan melon farms on its southern. It is also home to Caladan’s third major population center: Cidrit Town, as well as its other spaceport, Atreides Landing.

The Eastern Continent

The Eastern continent is largely undeveloped apart from some scattered pundi rice farms on its western coast. It has no major settlements and is a popular place to camp for the more adventurous. It is home to a small indigenous population that shuns the industrialization of its newer inhabitants and will flee inland if encountered or defend themselves violently if pursued.

Major Island Chains

Serena’s Necklace: located almost equidistant between the three continents, this chain of islands houses some of the major industrialization centers, particularly those for the manufacturing of Wingboats and the processing centers for exported seafood, seaweed, and algae.

Elecran Islands: remote islands located off the western coast of the Eastern Continent between it and the Western Continent. It is undeveloped and home to a rich ecosystem of native wildlife and flora. Off its eastern coast is the largest seaweed forest on the planet and a popular place for those who want isolation and a singularly unique sailing and diving experience within the Imperium.

Major Industries and Products

Rice: pundi and pongi variants
Grains: legumes and wheat
Fruits: paradan melons, cidrits, berries, and associated products such as juices and candies
Wines: pundi rice, casyrack, bornolla, delkai, suugee, and zincal variants
Natural Materials: Caladanian granite
Manufacture: aircraft, boats, methcars, nells chambers, fire-thread, ponji fiber clothing, and assorted weavings
Tourism: numerous locations from rustic to exotic
Fishing: numerous types of fish, whales, kelp, seaweed, and associated products
Armor and Weapons: disk guns and stunners

Major Flora and Fauna

Flora: Caladanian wines, fruits, grains, kelp, ponji, pongi rice, pundi rice, vegetables, and vine eucalyptus.

Fauna: cattle, fish (butterfish, goblings, panther-fish), dogs, elecrans (large electrically-charged tentacled beasts), hawks, waterfowl, and whales.



Zensunni is a prominent belief system across the known universe, especially those descended from disadvantaged or enslaved peoples. It formed as an amalgam of two ancient religions: Sunni Islam and Zen Buddhism. It is a universal or holistic religion with offshoots such as Zensunni Catholicsm – the most popular on Caladan – which contributed heavily to the Orange Catholic Bible.

Zen Hekiganshu

A native religion mainly practiced only on Caladan and primarily on the Eastern Continent among the indigenous population and some smaller, rural communities on the other continents or major island chains.

Sisters in Isolation

The Sisters in Isolation are an off-shoot religious branch of women who live on the isolated Eastern Continent in a large Abbey. They Abbey provides shelter from the outside world where the women, called Sisters, weave tapestries for sale throughout the Imperium and meditate as they create. Many of the sisters take a vow of silence and all who enter pledge never to return to the outside world.

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