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Character Creation
Each Player will be able to select one of two methods for creating their character once we have completed House Creation and aligned on Player Roles: planned creation and creation in play.

Planned creation involves going through all the steps of creation and making decisions at each step. You will choose an archetype for your character, assign points to your skills, chooses focuses and talents, select your drives and create your drive statements, and end up with a fully formed character. This method allows players to start with the character they want to play from the outset and the process allows for considerable customization of characters.

Creation in Play is like planned creation, but you make fewer choices at the outset, only deciding on an archetype, a couple of skills, and one of your drives and drive statements. The rest of the details will be defined once play has begun – at points during the game, you may choose to define one of those elements such as a skill rating, a drive and drive statement, or a talent to add to your character. This allows play to begin more quickly, and characters are fleshed out as they face challenges or overcome obstacles. This is often handy for players who do not have access to the full rulebook or are unfamiliar with the system.

Planned Character Creation Summary

Step One: Concept

Consider your idea for a character and select a faction template if applicable or build your own.

Step Two: Archetype

Choose or adapt an archetype and record its trait.

Step Three: Skills

Assign a rating to each skill:

- Primary skill listed is rated at a 6
- Secondary skill listed is rated at a 5
- Three other skills listed are rated at a 4
- Add 5 more points among your skills, to a maximum value of 8.

Step Four: Focuses

Choose four focuses and assign them to skills. At least one should be applied to your primary skill. Your archetype will offer suggestions you may wish to take.

Step Five: Talents

Choose three talents. Faction characters must pick all mandatory talents, but otherwise have a free choice for any remaining picks.

Step 6: Drives and Drive Statements

Rank the five drives in order of importance, assigning the ratings of 8, 7, 6, 5, and 4 among them, with 8 being the most important.

Assign a drive statement to the three highest drives.

Step 7: Assets

Select your three starting assets, one of which must be tangible.

Step 8: Finishing Touches

Choose a Trait based on your character’s reputation or personality.

Decide an ambition or goal for your character related to their highest drive.

Decide on a name, personality, appearance, personal history/background, and relationships to other Player Characters or NPC’s.

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