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NPC Houses
House Havar

Holdings: Sprawling Estates and Vineyards on the Southern Continent

Banner and Arms:

- Colors: red and white
- Crest: two vine knives

House Traits: Fine Taste and Etiquette

Primary Domains: Farming (Produce) – fine wines

Secondary Domains: Politics (Expertise) – sommeliers, social planners, and fashionistas

History and Overview:

House Havar is one of the oldest and most respected houses on Caladan, having been settled with the same group that included the Atreides. They trace their ancestry back to the ancient Greek settlers who began producing wines on the southern islands of Dalmatia. They have an undisputed reputation as the finest winemakers on Caladan and thus the Imperium. This reputation also lends itself to an equal reputation for fine taste and high culture. They run a school that produces some of the best sommeliers, social planners, and courtiers, that are welcome in any court.

Ruling Family and Court

* Baron Mirko Havar (age 43)

- his wife, Baroness Vanessa Havar (age 40)

-- his heir, Mislav Havar (age 20)
-- his daughter, Klara Havar (age 18)
-- his daughter, Irena Havar (age 16)
-- his daughter, Maja Havar (age 6)

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NPC Houses
House Armanis

Holdings: Mobile Barracks and Manufacturing Facility on Eastern Continent

Banner and Arms:

- Colors: blood red and gold
- Crest: bound scroll

House Traits: Mercenary and Ruthless

Primary Domains: Military (Workers) – mercenaries

Secondary Domains: Industrial (Produce) – packaged foods

History and Overview:

The men and women who would become House Armanis moved with the Imperial family when the capital was relocated from Salusa Secundus to Kaitain and settled on the most remote of its four moons, which became a haven for pirates, smugglers, and all other types associated with the black market of space. Most of the communities were small and isolated, valuing rugged self-sufficiency and fought constantly amongst themselves until four centuries ago when the rulers of Armanis unified the moon’s factions through a remarkably brutal campaign and earned the patronage and ennoblement from the Emperor. They eschew their Landsraad title among themselves and prefer to go by the title of Condottieri, Captain, or Great Captain.

These days, they train and organize “Free Companies” which are the most sought-after mercenaries in the Imperium. With the destruction of the Atreides and under an Imperial writ, a branch of House Armanis was given lands on the Eastern Continent of Caladan, where they have opened a special training center for their mercenaries and opened a manufacturing facility that produces packaged foods used by groups such as armed forces and long-range expeditions.

Caladan Branch and Court

* Lord Gordiano Armanis, Great Captain (age 66)

- his wife, Lady Milena Armanis (age 69)

-- his heir, Cristaldo Armanis, Captain (age 30)

-- his daughter, Zenobia Armanis (age 26)
--- her husband, Stephan Deros {deceased}
---- her son, Julian Deros (age 10)
---- her son, Jaime Deros (age 8)
---- her son, Jon Deros (age 7)
---- her daughter, Julia Deros (age 4)
---- her son, Jesse Deros, a twin (age 3)
---- her daughter, Jessica Deros, a twin (age 3)

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NPC Houses
House Glaucus

Holdings: Coastal Villages throughout Serena’s Necklace

Banner and Arms:

- Colors: blue and copper-green
- Crest: merman wielding a trident

House Traits: Fishermen and Born of the Sea

Primary Domains: Farming (Produce) – fish and seaweed

Secondary Domains: Kanly (Produce) – poisons

History and Overview:

House Glaucus trace their ancestry back to the Ancient Greeks and claim to be the descendants of Glaukos, a mortal fisherman who was transformed into a sea-god after eating a magical herb and who became the patron god of fishermen. They have been on Caladan as long, if not longer than, the Atreides themselves and always lived among the islands of Serena’s Necklace. They are experts at harvesting resources from the sea, whether they be rare fish, seaweed, or the other gifts that the oceans can provide. This includes things like neurotoxins and other poisons that are extracted from sea creatures.

Ruling Family

* Count Nestor Glaucus (age 5)

- his father, Count Rafael Glaucus {deceased}
- his mother, Dowager Countess and Regent Katrina Glaucus (age 24)

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