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Dusty Rhodes
 Captain, 9 posts
Wed 21 Jul 2021
at 10:37
Captain's Log
Agreed to do a Job for the BHJ.

Sent Joyee, Ka' Ka' and Yanrasha to the gun range.
Sent Sam and Bolt out carousing to Decoy our Rivals.

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Dusty Rhodes
 Captain, 10 posts
Wed 21 Jul 2021
at 21:37
Captain's Log
NAMEREACTIONSSPEEDCOMBAT SKILLTOUGHNESSSAVVYEquipmentEquipmentEquipmentEquipmentEquipmentEquipment
Dusty Rhodes14+13+0Blaster rifleHandgun    
Joyee Brimm25+04+0Colony rifle     
Samantha Harris24+13+0Infantry LaserScrap pistol    
Ka' Ka' Pot24+04+1Colony rifle     
Yanrasha15+02+0Scanner bot     
Bolt24+14+2Infantry LaserScrap pistol    

Infantry Laser3010Snap Shot
Colony Rifle1810-
Blast Rifle1611-
Scrap Pistol910Pistol
Shatter AxeBrawl-2Melee

6 Story Points available
9 Credits

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 GM, 35 posts
Thu 22 Jul 2021
at 12:13
Captain's Log
Crew Photo

Front row
Dusty, "Sam", Joyee
Back row
Bolt, Ka' Ka', Yanrasha
Dusty Rhodes
 Captain, 11 posts
Thu 22 Jul 2021
at 22:06
Captain's Log
In reply to Oracle (msg # 3):

Dusty assigns equipment:

After that he tells everyone to move out to JBH to get job brief.
 GM, 41 posts
Fri 23 Jul 2021
at 22:15
Captain's Log
The BHJ informs you the OBJECTIVE is to Deliver a device to the roof of the central building at an abandoned supply depot of a mega corp.

A crew member of your choosing is carrying a package. The package must be delivered to the top of the building at the center of the map. Placing the package safely requires a Combat Action.
If the carrier becomes a casualty, roll 1D6: On a 1, the item is destroyed. Otherwise it can be picked up by spending a Combat Action at the location they fell.
If you drive off all enemies, you Win as long as the package is undamaged.

Determine Deployment Conditions (52)
Brief engagement: At the end of each round, roll 2D6. If the roll is equal or below the round number, reinforcements are spotted incoming and the game ends inconclusively.

Notable Sights (66) there are "Really shiny bits" which if collected you Gain 2 credits.

Enemy Encounter Category (35) is "Hired Muscle" in this case Enforcers.
While the term usually refers to Unity law enforcement, in Fringe Space it tends to mean any
organized troops keeping the peace.

Initial map for Job 1

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Dusty Rhodes
 Captain, 48 posts
Thu 5 Aug 2021
at 23:19
Captain's Log
In reply to Oracle (msg # 5):


start 9
rainy day 10
shiny 2
danger 2
job 5
K 3
total 31

upkeep 1
pay on ship debt 2
buy weapons 3
buy gear 3
buy gadgets 3
total 12

Dusty Rhodes
 Captain, 51 posts
Fri 6 Aug 2021
at 20:59
Captain's Log
2:4 Assign equipment

D: blast rifle, handgun, nerve adjuster
S: Laser rifle, scrap pistol
K: Laser rifle, shatter axe
Y: colony rifle, hand laser
B: rattle gun, stabilizer, scanner bot
 GM, 91 posts
Sat 7 Aug 2021
at 18:21
Captain's Log
The Phoenix corp. informs you the OBJECTIVE is to SECURE a data repository and initiate it's upload of critical information.

You must end 2 consecutive rounds with crew within 2 of the center of the building.
A crew member with an enemy within 6 of them does not count. Once this is achieved, you Win.
If you drive off the opposition, you can complete the objective at your leisure.

Isolationists have taken an interest in this data repository and intend to stop the upload.
Rumor has it that there is a heavily armed Hakshan Investigator also involved somehow.

This must be done in the evening while the main building lights are out, to not attract even more unwanted attention.
(Gloomy: Maximum visibility is 9. Characters that fire can be fired upon at any range, however.)

There is also a "Peculiar item" located at this site. (Gain +2 XP.)

Initial map for Job 2