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Ship's Log
Log of the Sand Bhar
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Ship's Log
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Jannus Assigned Identity Number: GM77397006
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Ship's Log
Official Start Date for Ship Log--01-01-01

Note: To avoid confusion of dates/times when traveling, Ship
Log will be kept in the shop's own date/time.

Official Ship Scribe/Historian--Bolt, Zeta Group Z-23 andro-bot

Ship Registered Identification--Sand Bhar

Ship type: General   Mining  Jannus Assigned Identity Number GM77397006
Identity number,in the primary language/numbering system of the registered   owner, must be in most visable locations on forward, side, and rear areas of the hull.

Ship Registered Crew:
Destin (Dusty) Rhodes: human male, Captain and team leader

Joyee Brimm: human, Wasteland Nomad, male, Multiple specialities
Note: When pronouncing 'Joyee'is as the masculine 'Joey'.
(Subnote:  Always pronounce Joyee in this manner)

Samantha Harris: enhanced human female, Special agent for the team and
        for one or more of the multi-world Entities,
           Jannus Bueau of Harmony (BHJ)
   Phoenix Corporation
   GreenTree Confederation

Ka' Ka' Pfot: K'Erin native, gender unspecified,Troubleshooter
  Note: When pronouncing'Pfot' the sound is similar to the
                 'ph'as in 'phone' in Earth Prime language.

Yanrasha: humanoid Travveler, hermaphrodite, Negotiator
Note: When pronouncing Yanrasha, the emphasis is on the
        final syllable'sha'.

Bolt: andro-bot, Scribe,Historian, and fighter with team

Current Ship Location--Planet Jannus

Current Entities employing Ship and Crew on as-needed basis

        Jannus Bureau of Harmony (BHJ)
Phoenix Corporation
        GreenTree Confederation

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Ship's Log
Official Ship Personnel Records

Destin (Dusty) Rhodes
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown    Birthdate: Unknown
Place of Birth: Planet Earthea.  Similar in size and environment to Earth  Prime, but many smaller seas,no large oceans. Sun slightly cooler than EP, but sufficient  for forests and crops.

Current Occupation/Status: Captain, Space Ship,"Sand Bhar".

Known History:

Father: Saul Rhodes  Mother: Blossom Rhodes Siblings: Two brothers and one sister.  Names/ages unknown

Rhodes lived first 13 years with family. Habitat next four years unknown, but still on home planet. Acquired 'nickname' Dusty from associates, who joked he left a trail of dust when running from a situation--frequently involving females, fights, or theft.

Sometime during 17th home planet year, Rhodes, now being called Dusty, was able to acquire passage off planet on an unidentified trade ship.  His whereabouts and methods of survival are, except for occasional rumors, unknown for approximately six planet Jannus years.  Near the end of the sixth year, he and a crew of five, landed on Jannus in a ship, category: General Mining.  Rhodes tendered sufficient and suitable purchase evidence of his ownership,imcluding valid mortgage, and registered it with Jannus as a General Mining ship.

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