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Sat 17 Jul 2021
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+1 Savvy = first roll on HT (79,26,99) +1 Military Weapon (30)
Military Weapons:
Blast Rifle1611- 
Infantry Laser3010Snap Shot 
Shatter AxeBrawl-2Melee 
Infantry Laser3010Snap Shot 
Rattle gun2430Heavy 

Low-tech Weapon:  (16,53,24) +2 Low-tech Weapon (55,12)
Scrap Pistol910Pistol 
Colony Rifle1810- 
Scrap Pistol910Pistol 
Colony Rifle1810- 
Hold out pistol410Pistol, Meleedamaged

High-tech Weapons:
Hand laser1210Snap Shot, Pistolrepaired

SHOTS is the number of "To Hit" rolls per Combat Turn.
DAMAGE is the amount added to the standard damage roll.

Snap Shot +1 to Hit within 6.
Pistol     +1 to Brawling rolls.
Melee     +2 to Brawling rolls.
Heavy   -1 penalty to Hit if the firer moved this round.

Gear:  (88)
1 Scanner bot
1 Concealed Blade

Gadget: +3 Gadget (87,36,78,36)
1 Stabilizer
2 Duplicator
1 Snooper Bot
1 Nerve Adjuster

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Tue 20 Jul 2021
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Blast rifle: Rifle or carbine energy bolt weapon. Signifies that the user means business.
Infantry laser: Military energy rifle with detachable battery pack.
Colony rifle: Standard-type defensive rifle, popular with colonists and frontier folk. Simple to maintain. Typically semi-automatic.
Rattle gun: Conventional machine gun. Most Fringe models are outdated and somewhat kit-bashed. Typically belt-fed.

Scrap pistol: A pistol pieced together from scavenged parts. Common on the frontiers.
Hand gun: Conventional semi-automatic pistol in a medium caliber.
Hold out pistol: Compact pocket-pistol for personal defense.
Hand laser: Portable energy-based pistol. Popular due to ease of use and lack of recoil.

Shatter axe: This bulky weapon discharges a blast of energy as it strikes. Originally intended for breach-and-clear operations.

Concealed blade
If the character begins their round within 2 of an opponent, they may throw the blade as a Free Action before doing anything else.
Roll to Hit normally, resolving the Hit with Damage +0. The blade can be used once per battle, and is replaced afterwards for free.

Scanner bot
Stealthy instrumented drone for scouting a location.
The crew adds +1 to all "Seize the Initiative" rolls.

Snooper bot
Spider bot that can be used as a distraction source.
May be deployed before a battle, if the "Seize the Initiative" roll would be penalized or negated, the penalty can be ignored but the Bot is Damaged on a 1 rolled on a D6.

Weapon may ignore Heavy trait.

Create a perfect copy of any one item in your inventory. A Duplicator cannot copy a Duplicator.

Nerve adjuster
Whenever the character is Stunned for any reason, they receive a 5+ Saving Throw to avoid the Stun.

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