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Sat 17 Jul 2021
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Character Submission
To clarify.  This is a very open-ended system.  Your "race" or "class" is decided by you.  The system is customizable to fit your vision.

The "world" is also customizable.  Many "continents" aren't aware of each other, so you could be from a land that none of the players have even heard of.  In fact, starting characters will come from different lands unless their backgrounds are compatible/similar.

First provide the narrative of your character:

Physical Appearance:


Personal Struggles (inner demons):

External Struggles (things that have happened in the past that still affects you to this day):

Why you left your home(land):

What is your goal/destiny?:

Now the character sheet:

+0 Physical
+0 Mental
+0 Social
+0 Essence
+0 Stability

Traits (include description)
- Mark Advancement Trait
- (Choose a Trait)
- (Choose a Trait)

Conditions: (none)

Legacy Conditions: (none)

Destiny: 4
Advancement: 0/5

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