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Sat 17 Jul 2021
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Expectation of Players
This is my first time hosting a game in RPoL but I have experience running a Play-by-Post game several years ago that lasted three years.  Below are the expectations that I hold for the players.

1. Be mature: You may play a childish character, but when you interact with me or another player outside the game, act like an adult.  Tantrums and insults will not be tolerated.  Derogatory comments and/or slurs will see you band without a chance to redeem yourself.

2. Post Daily: Everyone will be expected to post at least once a day.  You may post more than that, but be respectful of players who only can do it once a day.  I'll pause a scene if someone starts getting left behind.  Side Note: If all players agree, time can be set aside where everyone in the scene is online and going back and forth steadily.

3. Give Notice of Absence: If you find that there will be a short period (no longer than a week), send me a message to notify me and your character will be NPC'ed until you return.  If you go absent for more than 2 days, your character will be NPC'ed.  If you are MIA for longer than a week, you (the player) will be removed from the game.  I've tried to be lenient about this in the past, but it never worked out.  If you can't dedicate the minimum to the game, please don't request to join.  It degrades the experience for the other players.

4. Quality Posts: There will be times when it's appropriate for your response to be one sentence, but for the most part, all posts should have substance.  If your actions are limited, consider presenting your character's internal narrative.  Constant one-sentence posts will be addressed in private (usually to ask if the player is losing interest).

5. Grammar & Spelling: Endeavor to have good grammar and spelling.  You don't have to be perfect (I won't reprimand you for using "your" over "you're"), but we can't play with you if we don't understand what you're saying.  Just take a moment to read your message before posting it.  I will edit posts for grammar & spelling if it's too bad (or my OCD is offended), but never to change the narrative of the message.

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