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On the Shores of Heaven's Lake - Setting and Premise

*See Introduction for hook*

On the shores of Heaven's Eye Lake rests a village known for the peace and plenty it affords to pilgrims. Without even a name to call its own, the small settlement rests between the hills and cliffs at its back and the great body of water at its feet. With precious little land, homes, teahouses, and piers hang out over the edge, propped above the gentle waters across the shore. The people here are fishers and tradesmen, merchants trafficking in goods brought by travelers from across creation, but at the center of the great lake rests an island, and at its heart, a temple.

Local legends say that, when the moon graced creation, she marked it, and filled the impression with her silvery tears. From those waters sprang three daughters, unrivaled in their puissance and beauty. For many generations, the people of the area worshiped them, and in time, a temple grew to honor the bounty they brought with them. In time, travelers from far and wide have come, seeking blessings from the monks who still tend the Pale Moon Shrine. In these uncertain times, there are few safe havens left

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