The Bones of Creation - System and Houserules.   Posted by Samsara.Group: 0
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Sun 18 Jul 2021
at 18:03
The Bones of Creation - System and Houserules
This game exists to test the new Exalted: Essence ruleset. As such, I want to play with it largely unadulterated. I will, however, consider a small set of carefully curated houserules as the system is still in development and there are some tweaks I'd like to make for both ease of play. As of now, that list is as follows

  • Anima will activate as follows; 0-3 is Dim. Caste mark shines with essence expenditure, but can be covered as normal. 4-9 is Active. You are limned in an essence bonfire appropriate to your caste that grows in size as anima increases. You receive your active anima benefit and cannot generally hide your nature. At 10, you are iconic. Your bonfire erupts into its iconic display and you receive the corresponding powers.