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Character Workshop - Sleepy Boy
Feel free to work on your character concept(s) here!
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Character Workshop - Sleepy Boy
Grimoire (Delinquent Playbook)
   I'm considering adapting my longtime Mutants and Masterminds character, Grimoire. Grimoire is an amalgam of the lovable rogue archetype with a mystic (sorcerer). Regarding the Masks playbooks, I believe Delinquent, Legacy, Janus, and Protégé could all work for Grimoire. However, I feel Delinquent leans into his core conflict (trust) the most at the beginning of the game. I've included Grimoire's existing background below to provide valuable insight into the concept despite the adjustments it will receive.

PM to Master of Games:

Sorry for the length. Hopefully it wasn't a painful read? Anyway, do you have an idea for what exactly ended the witch hunts? Was it just the fall of the WUC? Or, are the witch hunts ongoing? Actually, it occurs to me that I'm just kind of assuming that the witch hunts are over. Given your line about sympathizers and supporters of the fallen WUC, it's entirely possible that they haven't yet ended. XD

PM to Master of Games:

Now I wait to see if I've scared you off. XD
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Character Workshop - Sleepy Boy
For the record, I think Masks really benefits from player discussions, which in turn benefit from people knowing about each others' characters. You are free to keep some character secrets if you want, but there is really no need to PM everything. Unless you have some specific reason for making it private, it would be better to make your character concept public to let others weigh in and help them follow along with our discussion.

As for the witch hunts, I'll quote what I told another player:

Master of Games:
Bear in mind that the really notorious and large-scale state-sponsored witch-hunts happened back in the 1970s in territories under WUC control. If anything it's the Innocent that might have witnessed those. That said, smaller scale witch-hunts in former WUC territories and elsewhere could very well have happened after the War too. Hardline loyalist groups might have engaged in those, along with other people looking for someone to blame for everything that went wrong.

One might also imagine the original witch-hunts precipitating a cycle of violence: some mages and psychics could have gone to great lengths to defend themselves or get revenge, harming civilians in the process and causing others to seek revenge on them and "all their kind" in turn. Something like that can keep going for a long time. So yeah, there is plenty to work with there if you want!

So they have largely ended with the fall of WUC, but it can be safely assumed that there have been recurrences on a much smaller scale elsewhere. It's the difference between an organised, large-scale purge and sporadic local attacks, though. Also, unless someone insists on making it a part of their backstory, it wouldn't have happened in New Atlantis. Yet.

As for the rest, I look forward to seeing how you adapt the character, if that is what you decide to do. I'll need to give it some more thought myself, but here's what I have off the top of my head.

Firstly, I assume that for Freedom City, we can substitute New Atlantis? Anti-super and anti-magic sentiments are certainly not unknown there, though those voices would be weaker and less influential than they seem to be in the character's previous setting. WUC propaganda may have had an effect on some, but being associated with the Warlords and their atrocities is at least something of a liability for most New Atlanteans.

On the other hand, a family that casually defies the laws of nature and society alike is liable to be pretty notorious anyway. There is less poverty and less punitive legislation in New Atlantis, but it is certainly possible to run afoul of the law. A lot of people may resent them even more for abusing the city's generosity. The carnival, on the other hand, would cater to nostalgia for the Mainland and the world before the War...

Secondly, we may make substitutions for the names of setting-specific superheroes, supervillains, institutions, teams... or we may not. Up to you. I cannot currently think of a binding reason why individuals or organisations with such names and many of the same details cannot exist, but it may be better to have a relative clean break anyway. The cosmological details (Magic Realm etc.) may require more care, but mostly to make sure that they don't contradict the canon and similar elements in other accepted characters - we can work that out at a later stage if it becomes necessary.

Well, admittedly I'd also prefer if the elements with DnD names were named something different and otherwise differentiated from their source, at least a little bit. Taking inspiration is fine, but this is just a tad distracting for me. :P But that's just a pet peeve and I might be brought around on it.

Thirdly, I don't think I'm going to have the characters be part of a super school unless there is a lot of demand for such a thing. It's a perfectly fine premise, but 1) it takes a lot of setup and 2) I as well assome of the other prospects are already in a super school game. I might add such an institution in this setting further down the line, but not yet. So those parts would probably have to change.

Fourthly, so far, that really, really, really sounds like a Legacy. :P Though a Delinquent who has rebelled away from a Legacy would be fine, of course, if that is what you want. Perhaps instead of the Legacy changing its mind, he decided to abandon the Legacy - and he lacks their power, but compensates with guile? What do you have in mind exactly?

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