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Personages (NPCs)

Notable residents of New Phlan and its environs.

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New Phlan City Council

Master Ulrich Eberhard

An ancient-looking man, Eberhard is head of the council at this time (he effectively controls two votes on the city council- his own, and that of Elissa Bivant). He handles most money negotiations and is reputed to be a very hard bargainer.

Bishop Brachio

A high cleric in the church of Ilmater, Bishop Brachio has been tasked by his order with cleansing and restoring the temple of the Suffering One in the old city's merchants' quarter. To that end, he was entrusted by his former bishopric with substantial funds to be used at his discretion.

Werner Von Urslingen

A middle-aged mercenary captain hailing from the city of Hillsfar, Von Urslingen led the military force that cleared and secured the docks district, establishing a beachhead in the city. This beachhead became the seminal settlement that residents call New Phlan. The remnant of that mercenary company has become the core of New Phlan's city watch.

Porphyrys Cadorna

Dilettante son of one of Old Phlan's wealthiest merchant families, Porphyrys has returned to the city to reclaim what he sees as his birthright. Most of his familyís wealth was tied up in deeds to lands and factories in Old Phlan. While he still holds the deeds, they are basically worthless until the old city is reclaimed. Porphyrys is the youngest member of the New Phlan city council. He was raised in Zhentil Keep, a trading post of the mercantilist cartel known as the Zhentarim.

Elissa Bivant

A seat on the council is reserved for House Bivant, the last extant noble house of Old Phlan. Elissa is a girl of seventeen years, and ward of Ulrich Eberhard. She stands to inherit considerable wealth (House Bivant owns several gem mines in Damara and Vaasa) when she comes of age. For now Master Eberhard has command of House Bivantís resources and has been tapping them heavily to pay the many adventurers operating in New Phlan.


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