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Sat 24 Jul 2021
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RTJ & Character Generation
I recommend you download a copy of the Star Wars Revised, Expanded, and Updated version of the D6 rules which can be found on the internet. If you cannot, I will offer a select list of character templates you may choose.

Character generation is as per the rulebook, but instead of the 7D to spread out amongst the skills, I am offering 10D.

As for equipment listed on any templates, double the credit amount.

If you choose to be Force Sensitive, but do not want to be Jedi Trained, you start with 2 Force Points, all other non Force Sensitive characters start with 1 Force Point. All Jedi characters are Force Sensitive.

Also, all characters start with 5 Character Points.  These are awarded like XP, but can be used on dice rolls during the game, as well as advancing your characters skills and abilities after every adventure.

For those who cannot download a copy of the Star Wars Revised, Expanded, and Updated rulebook, I offer the following templates and will make the character for you.  While these are all human-based templates, if you wish to choose a different species from the Star Wars universe, let me know and I will work it in.

Arrogant Noble
Bounty Hunter
Brash Pilot
Old Senatorial
Young Senatorial

I am also offering the following Force Templates...
Alien Student of the Force (I feel this is better represented as a Force Druid or Force Shaman rather than an actually alien.)
Failed Jedi
Minor Jedi
Young Jedi

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Sun 25 Jul 2021
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RTJ & Character Generation
Due to the fact I have not played this game in a real long time and noticed the huge difference in Advantages and Disadvantages in the game, I will not use the Advantages and Disadvantages option right now.

Quick Note on Skills, you cannot spend more than 3D on a skill during character creation.

Force Abilities & Powers
Also just to clarify, Force Abilities (Control, Sense, and Alter) are considered Attributes in character point use and upgrading.  For the first 1D in a Force Abilities, you get 1 Force power.  For each "D" you gain thereafter, you get an additional 2 Force powers.

For Force Skills that use more than 1 Force Ability, like Lightsaber Combat (Control + Sense), it is considered a single Force Power for Control or Sense when choosing it.

Johns Failed Jedi has Control 2D, Sense 1D...He would get 3 Control Powers and 1 Sense Power.
He chooses, Accelerate Healing (Control), Hibernation Trance (Control), Receptive Telepathy (Sense), and Lightsaber Combat (Control + Sense).

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