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Character creation
At this time there will be a hard cap of twelve players as there are only 8 state rooms on the ship and half of them are for the officers.

Crew requirements:
1 Salvage Master. Engineer-3, Admin 1, Avocate-1, Broker-1, Leadership-1, Liasion-1
1 Pilot (Pilot (Space Craft)-2, Pilot (Small Craft)-1, Tactics (Naval)-1)
1 Chief Engineer (Engineer-2 (M/J/Power),Engineer (Electronics)-1, Mechanic-1
1 Navigator (Astrogation-1, Computer-1, Comm-1, Sensors-1)
2 Gunner/Senior Mechanic (Gunnery-0,Engineer-1,Vacc Suit-0)
2 Small Craft Operator/Mechanic (Pilot (Small Craft)-0, Vacc Suit-0, Engineer-1)
4 Mechanics (Engineer-1. Trade(Salvage/Repair)-0, Vacc Suit-0)

Character creation is flexible. Using Mongoose Traveller 1st edition skills, you can have up to 4 skills at level-0, costing a half point each. Others will cost the square of the final rank, so Rank 1 is 1 point, Rank 2 is 4 points, and capping out with Rank 3 at 9 points.  Jack of all Trades costs 2 points for rank-1 and 6 for rank-2.

No need to roll for survival/advancement but you can roll for events to get an idea on your back story and skills you might have picked up. The salvage master will need to make , the

The Salvage Master will have 20 points for their skills (and two aging rolls). Pilot/Ch Eng/Nav will have 15 (and one aging roll), Gunners/Small craft operators will have 10, and the Mechanics will have 5.

Two rules-Nobles need not apply (If you roll a 11 or 12 for social status, set it to 10) and no Psionics.

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