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Tue 17 Aug 2021
at 12:43
Rtj and character creation.
So I'm looking for 3-5 players. We will start at level 5 and roll 4d6 drop the lowest for attributes. When rolling health or chakra if you roll under the average take the average instead. Players get a free feat at 1st level.

The rules for naruto can be found here.


There are some limits on clan choice the following clans aren't allowed Uchiha and Uzumaki.

Some clans (ie the Sarutobi clan and Hatake clan) can be reskinned to fit a custom clan from another village.

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Tue 17 Aug 2021
at 12:48
Rtj and character creation.
As for an RTJ please fill out the following.



Brief history: (your characters are chunin and probably in their 20s so feel free to have done something cool to have been chosen for the squad.)

Give me two aspirations for your character. One can be a long term goal the other short term. (Example: Long term becoming Kage, shorter term discovering what happened to a long lost sibling.)

What's something you as a player would like to see in a game.

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Wed 25 Aug 2021
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Rtj and character creation.

Everyone begins with 400 ryo plus the equipment from their class & background.

I'm aware that lvl 5 adventurers would have gained more money than this, but you have to consider lifestyle costs, gear replenishment etc..