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House Rules

Bluff: a rogue may use bluff to mount a first round (if the bluff roll is successful) sneak attack on an enemy. To help you picture it imagine the bully who says 'hey your shoelace is undone and when you look, hits you.)

Diplomacy: In battle, when dealing with an intelligent species, a character may attempt a diplomacy skill check to divert an attack

Intimidate: In battle, at melee distance, an intimidate check can be used to draw the attention of up to 5 enemies onto the character making the check. Ostensibly this can keep weaker party members from behind attack, and also shift the attention of the enemy to allow a rogue to attempt a sneak attack.

Perform: To simplify matters, perform is a single skill that covers, singing, playing instruments, story telling/oration, juggling, dancing, and similar entertainment skills.


Toughness grants one additional hit point per level and may be taken multiple times.

Magic Armour: Magic armour, unless otherwise stated, weighs 20% less than it's non-magical counterpart to reflect the crafting and magical aspect of it.

Magic Weapons: Magic weapons, unless otherwise stated, can be commanded to provide enough light to illuminate a 10 foot radius from the weapon. The weapon must be held for this power to work.

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