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Eldritch Spirit
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Tue 27 Jul 2021
at 23:25
Roll Call
Please post your character here.
Nicole Hellsmith
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Tue 27 Jul 2021
at 23:32
Roll Call
Nicole Hellsmith

Concept: Armless Demon-Handed Occultist

Style: Demon Fists!

Str 1
End 2
Dex 3
Agil 2
Spirit 5
Health 10

Punch 0
Kick 1
Grapple 0
Block 2
Dodge 3
Ki 3
Weapons 0

Athletics 1
Lore 2
Perform 0
Perception 2
Occult 3
Craft 0
Computer 0
Repair 0
Vehicles 0
Criminal 2
Survival 1
Social 1

Tags:  Mage, Occultist, Animal Companion (Demon Hands)

Demon Punch: Energy Blow (Energy Sheath, Comboable) Demon hand things punch!  Well, bite hard, actually
High Kick: High-Angle Kick (Anti-Air, Stunning) Nicole kicks like Cynthia Rothrock on a movie poster
Headbutt: Headbutt (Increased Damage, Stunning) Nicole smashes someone with her head

GET THEM!: Energy Sheath, Multi-Hit, Increased Damage Nicoleís demons all lash out, biting and gnawing!
Donít You Dare!: Aura (Ki damage), Stunning, Increased Damage Demons whirl around Nicole, tearing into anyone who gets too close.
UNLEASH THE SWARM!: Ranged (Ki Damage), Increased Damage, Stunning, Multi-Hit Way more demon hand things than Nicole normally has go flying forward in a whirling column of teeth and rage

Such Ferocity: Demon Punch/Headbutt