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Sat 14 Aug 2021
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Read Second - RTJ and Character Creation
I demand to know things about you!

Disclaimer & Warning:
My keyboard is currently hating me, and occasionally demands the sort of pressure normally required to turn coal into diamonds to register some keypresses. (If you're curious, a couple weeks ago it was the 3edc column, while now it's... somewhere in the 0'p area). I do proofread, but if occasional missing 'p's are enough to send you in a rage, you shouldn't apply.

Second Disclaimer:
If this disclaimer is still up when you apply, it means the game is still in the preparation phase. This, in turn, means that - while I'm happy to start having people around to bounce world-building ideas with - the game is NOT READY TO START yet. If you apply now, you do it for a chance to get dirty with the 'inner working' and 'world lore' side of things.
You also acknowledge that you're joining in a phase where I might still decide to scrap the entire project and not feel bad about it.

Important OOC details

How to call you - so that I know under what name to add you if I decide to. If you already know it, this should be your character name.

Your age - here I don't need the details if you're not comfortable sharing, but I'd like to know at least a general bracket. Furthermore, while I don't see short-term needs to push the game past Mature and into Adult, I'd like to know both your ability and willingness to do so.

Why are you better than the other applicants? Despite the name of this category, here I just want to know something about yourself - whatever you feel like sharing, from gaming experience to that corpse you hid in a ditch last summer. The purpose is twofold: both to learn about you happy bunch of crazies and to get a feel for your writing style.
I won't be checking for perfect grammar, but it helps if you give it a check.

What topics should be avoided in the game? You can take inspiration from the RPG consent checklist, but I don't need (or probably want) a fully compiled one. It would, however, help immensely to know if there's any taboo topics. Especially considering that, while I do try to keep a touch of humor when I write, I do plan to brush (or even furiously poke) some horror themes and to put characters (though mainly NPCs) under psychological pressure.

Less important OOC details

You CAN skip anything listed here, it's not critical. For two perfectly equal applications I might use the willingness to put useless work in answering here as a tie-breaker, but I doubt I'll get perfectly equal applications.

Can you regularly check rpol on a computer? I will be trying some formatting tricks that I'm not sure will play super well with using a phone to read. The Responsive version of the site is already leaps and bounds better than the standard one for that purpose, so it might end up not being a problem - but it's worth to note it.

What's your timezone and native language? It doesn't happen often, but it's occasionally useful to know. Since I don't feel like asking for stuff I'm not willing to share myself, I'm Italian - both timezone and language-wise.

Important IC details

Sell me your character in a single paragraph, two at most! I don't need mechanics - those are going to be pretty bare-bones for a starting character anyway, just a flash to tell me who they are.

Less important IC details

In what part of the world would you prefer playing, and what parts - if any - are dealbreakers? I do confess that everything I know about the Americas I learned from movies and that everything I know about Asia comes from anime and manga. But since those are a pretty heavy inspiration here maybe it won't be a problem.

What was your character's nickname in Last Prophecy Online? This is a small detail, but eventually I'll need to know.

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Sat 14 Aug 2021
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Character Creation
As per the standard Chronicles of Darkness Character Creation rules.
Try to build for flavor* and don't worry, power tricks will come later.

As you will be building more or less normal peole to begin with, you have blanket permssion to withold points from any category and to put them down later.

You can't (yet) select any Supernatural Merits.
You will not, obviously, apply any Supernatural template (and you likely never will).

*Basically, this means "Don't make me cringe when I read your Professional Training"

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