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--Individual: Zab. Has brown skin. Has many good ideas about healing.

--Individual: Enko. Zab's twin sister. Skinny and wild-haired. Has a goat, Vonzo. Has brown skin.
--Enko eventually also discovers milking domesticated animals (goats).

--Individual: Tab the shaman is the oldest of the Ossain, 66
----Tab has 2 wives and 3 kids
----His apprentice Gneb is smart, but not good at memorizing things...
----Tab is jealous of the twins

--Individuals: Gneb, Tab's apprentice, an Ixen, and his personal guardian spirit, Sizouze, a six-foot tall being with four big wings, glowing red-brown skin, a flat nose, and yellow eyes, a servant of Numen. Sizouze is bonded to Gneb

--Individual: Selen is a female Ixen to whom Numen teaches the secrets of blacksmithing...

--Individual: Selen takes on a young human apprentice, Drall.

--Individual: Teni: a Sabral woman. Leader of the Norcs. Teni's grandmother, father, and younger sister died of the Swelling Sickness. She herself is the first cleric of Noric, and in his name she casts the spell Serpent's Fortune, which gives protection against sickness and death for the faithful.

--Magical Item: the Shield of Magic Resistance, a medium-sized round shield with holy symbols of Numen, Braara, and Noric etched into it... It will offer great protection against spells targeting its bearer...

--Group: The Norcs, a group faithful to Noric led by the Sabral cleric Teni. They live on the plains to the south/southwest, between the desert and the forest/jungle

Location: the Drizzle Forest, south of the Ossau desert. A magical imbalance is making the food that grows here (maracuyas) unhealthy for sentient species. The Swelling Sickness causes problems with circulation, making too much blood or sap.

--PLACE: Zab, Enko, and Vonzo the goat kid live in the rocky desert of Ossau.

--PEOPLE: Zab and Enko are part of the Ossain people, who excel at finding sustenance from the wildlife of the desert and its areas of scrub and chaparral.

--MAGIC ITEM: THE RUBY EYE: Magic has acted upon one local crystalline structure to make a magic item found on the ground near Zab and Enko, the Ruby Eye. This is a ruby, clear (but red) in the center, almond-shaped, but about the size of a cactus fruit (but a little more flat). It sparkles in the sunlight of its own accord, so either Zab or Enko will be sure to notice it.

The magic in the Ruby Eye is good for just one use: If a sentient human looks at an animal through the Ruby Eye for a second, or at a specific plant for a few seconds, a new sentient people will be created, with the traits of that animal or plant.

The Ruby Eye's magic was destroyed//relocated when Sabro was created (see below).

--PEOPLE: The Ixen. They have the horns and horizontal pupils and legs of mountain goats, though seem otherwise human. They are quite intelligent, and learn languages quickly... The Ixen have started to teach themselves magic.

--PEOPLE: The Sabral, the cactus-people. The Sabral have started to practice shamanic practices (like druids).

--LOCATION//PLANT: Sabro, the huge giant cactus tower.

Sabro slowly gains sentience.

--MAGIC ITEM: Amulet of Powerful Madness An Ixen enchanter on purpose makes an Amulet of magical Power that accidentally also unknowingly and increasingly drives its wearer mad.

--PLACE: The Deep Sea: To the east of the rocky desert of Ossau is The Deep Sea, a place that the Ossain people know only by its dark water. There are light-colored sandy beaches all along the coast, often with sea-caves, most of which aren't safe when the tide comes in, though there are also many exceptions.

The Ossain people do not know the art of boat-building, so the sea is a mysterious and forbidding place for them.

They are vaguely aware that there are other seas in the wide world, but all they know is this one, and that its name is the Deep Sea.

They also believe that there are things with wills of their own far under the surface. Water-breathing people? Water spirits? Sea monsters? (Some or all of the above?) The Ossain don't know. That's just what they believe. They have a few very old, short, and vague folktales about such things, though.


--Deity: Numen: Numen is concerned with the imbalance. His scions are humans, and therefore also the Ixen and Sabral. He has gone to bestow the art of blacksmithing to a mortal.
--Deity: Braara: the wife of Numen. They live in a palace with carved marble walls. They have dogs, and a garden.
--Deity: Noric: Deity of the sky, especially at night, and the stars. He has recently grown particularly fond of the Sabral people, and of Sabro...

Numen: creation
--new enterprises

Braara: sustaining life
--plenty//bountifulness//not starving
--edible plants
--success in hunting

Noric: deity of the night sky and the stars
--zodiac signs
--navigation//finding the way
--darkness//making a small light in the darkness
--the things one sees when one looks up, such as birds, tall (non-food-producing) trees, mountaintops, wind (moving the clouds aside so the stars can be seen)

And, as long as I'm here, the major constellations:

The Earth Signs:
Horse, Tent, Chair

The Air Signs:
Bow, Knife, Eagle

The Fire Signs:
Dragon, Snake, Hand

The Water Signs:
Dolphin, Wolf, Wave

--Thizuth: appears to be strengthened by the imbalance, which is, again, of concern to Numen.

--MONSTER: Maraq, the maracuya-tree monster.

--Maraq is 20 feet tall and very tough, for a thing that is able to walk around (though not quite as tough as when it was a tree).

--Maraq will "bleed" acidic sap if injured (though it is immune to the effects of its own sap).

--If blinded, Maraq will attack prey by feeling vibration of movements through the ground.

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