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Sat 11 Sep 2021
at 23:13
Hello member of RPoL and prospective player!

This is a game of Against the Darkmaster. Against the Darkmaster is a system game by Open Ended Games. There are 'pay what you want' Quick Start rules available on Drive-Thru RPG for the curious.

It is a new system to me and this game will be my first outing with it, so be forewarned.

I aim for a twice weekly posting rate for this game, but we are all subject to real life and understand we all have things that come up and take our time.

The start of this game will be in a village of Greenvale. The sage Atrocles has funded an expedition into some ruins near the village. Greenvale is also one of many villages plagued by groups of bandits and brigands plaguing the region. The player characters may be in the region because they were hired by Atrocles for his expedition or drawn to the area because of the bounty placed on the outlaws of the area.

There is some restriction on available Kins for this game. The Firbolg are not available, and they do not exist in this game world. Orcs, half-orcs, and stone trolls are not available for selection for play, but they do exist as servants of the Darkmaster.
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Sun 12 Sep 2021
at 04:54
I apologize for being remiss and not including any RTJ instructions. I don't want much. Maybe just a rough outline that includes Kin and Vocation and any important Backgrounds - the ones that reflect being part of an organization, for example, since that's probably something we'd need to hash out.

If you want to employ the Specialty Skills please feel free.