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Mon 20 Sep 2021
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Necrotopia: Handbook to the Apocalypse (Act 1 Escape Vegas)
Necrotopia is an Apocalyptic Role-Playing Game where you and your friends battle through multiple Apocalypses. Faced with invasion of evil forces through portals, travel across worlds after you master use of portals. Game manual with original story, art, unique characters and settings. Uses a D6 game system with move creation that is simple and highly customizable. Create a character in 5 minutes and play a session within an hour. Fun for veteran RPG players and new players. The game itself is meant to be a beginners pen and paper role-playing game that can appeal to anyone. Here is a sample of the story from book one: "Necrotopia’s story begins with sparks of an invasion of demonic and inter-dimensional forces attacking Earth, initiating a battle for survival and conquest. There is a battle between Heaven and Hell brewing and you and your friends are caught in the middle. What happens depends on you with one person taking the role of Game Maestro and the rest taking the roles of role playing characters."We hope you and your friends have a ton of fun with this game!

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