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How to Play Necrotopia.

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How to Play Necrotopia

Necrotopia is played with the simplest rules possible that can be adapted and grow into an organic and creative gaming experience.

At the beginning of a game session, the Role-Players create characters and give them names, backgrounds, and motivations.  The only materials you will need to play this game are the Free PDF on DrivethruRPG, Character Sheet Template which is included here, and six-sided dice roller ready.

The characters and any foes created by the Game Maestro will have 3 basic elements that determine combat: health, armor, and moves.

Here is a character sheet filled in with a starting character as an example:

Necrotopia------Character Sheet------
Character Name:  Mendax
Level  __100__
Health _2000_____
Armor  __6____
Special Moves
1.__Reveal Enemy Information__
2.__Spike the Net Damage 4d6__
3.__Heal the Etherverse Heal 3d6___
Weapons, Armor, Equipment:  Raspberry Pie  Damage 3d6
Money, Vehicles, Hideouts:

To determine your character’s starting health you will have 25 health plus you add one roll of a six-sided die .  Health increases by one per level.  Armor is a base of 2 for all characters.  Finally, Role-Players can create three custom moves for their characters at the start, which can be anything from damage, to stun, to healing, to inspiration for the party, or anything.  We have a list of basic moves pictured in the PDF.  A custom move can also be non-combat like carjacking, computer skills, weapons-making, and so on.
  It is up to the Game Maestro to allow only a modest strength to these moves and the Game Maestro has the final say on what moves are allowed or not.  Any attack move should not be at base more than 1-6 damage and increase by one damage per level.  A stun should last no more than 3 rounds to start and level up 1 round a level.

Lastly each character can have a weapon that deals damage 1-6 base damage from rolling a six-sided die .  These can vary by hitting more targets for less damage or damage over time as well.  Again the strength at base and leveling is up to the discretion of the Game Maestro, who has the final say.

As the Game Maestro creates foes for players to face, foes will be weaker than characters for waves of monsters and more challenging for bosses.  To make this system very simple we give a level up for all characters after each session of play and each boss.  No tabulation of experience points is necessary.  The Game Maestro should award a level up for defeating each boss and for playing one session of the game.
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