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Thu 30 Sep 2021
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SWADE - Pathfinder Rules & Request to Join
Types of Heroes:
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keep in mind these are rough estimates of the characters composed in the group. Nothing says you can't have duplicate classes in one group so I don't mind if we do but if you do, then upon your character concept I will mention if a class has already been used.

See other posts which tell which the classes are.

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Thu 30 Sep 2021
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Request to Join
1. First read the introduction which is a basic idea of what the campaign is about.

2. Read the rules below this post and understand them.

3. Shoot me a quick request and tell me what your concept is before you try to submit a character.

4. After words create a character. I'll approve it.

5. Be sure to make sure that you are committed to posting at least once or twice a week. I'll repeat this a few times.
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Thu 30 Sep 2021
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Rules for the Game
1. The rules of this game can change at a notice. I am flexible.

2. Please make sure that you post at least once or twice a week. I want the pace of this game to be fast.

3. If you are going to be out for a week or longer please give me some idea.

4. Please be nice to other players, everyone has opinions please, please do fight.

5. I'm not a hard ass, I will allow players the ability to change the story but don't be mad if I don't go with every whim. It's a group experience, I want to have fun as much as you do.

6. Rules will use ONLY Savage World Pathfinder books. I don't have all the books so if I don't I might ask for what rule you are referencing.

7. I don't mind: experienced players, new players, etc.

8. The story is mature and while we will not directly talk about things that are mature such as sexual acts or extreme violence, there will be cut scenes which might involve more mature or graphic content. It's recommended that if you have a problem with this you let me know.
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Fri 1 Oct 2021
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GM's Guide to a Good Time
Every GM/DM plays the game a little bit different than others. Some are rules lawyers. Some are more open to freedom. Some are more roleplaying....some are more roll playing.

Let this be a guide to determine my style of GMing so that our two styles do not clash and you know what to expect.


A game should be challenging, you will get wounded.

I don't kill heroes unexpectedly. Don't push your luck, I give you warnings. Don't expect the same fate for npcs, items, etc.

I'm a fan of adventures, not hardcore on rules but I do follow the rules.

Occasionally, I'll let you break the rules.

I will give out Benny's for excellent story telling, using advantages and disadvantages.

Running away is an option.

Use the combat rules to your advantage, things like Gang up Bonus, being prone, darkness and others because I will be using them against you.

Enjoy the character, play the game and don't take hero squabbles as personal.
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Tue 5 Oct 2021
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Experience and Advances
Currently I am working on a system where I will be giving out advancement based upon length of time in the game rather than completing adventures. Not only does this make more sense to me but I can't wrap my head around giving someone an advancement for what takes years to complete. An average story length may take something like a year by the thought process you would stay a novice for a solid three to four years.

My current idea is to hand out advancements based upon length x number of months. Where X is what I am having an issue with.

Right now I am leaning towards three advancements per year which would get you out of novice in a little over a year. Of course the pace of the story will come in to play a little bit. I don't see giving out advancements for more of an easy story so it may ebb and flow.

Some rules for advancements:
* Upgrades to existing skills can happen immediately with the exception of new skills, in other words during game play. No downtime needed.

* New skills, powers, edges all happen during downtime.

* Upgrading existing spells work the same way as skills. If you a changing them or otherwise doing something different such as a trapping then this can happen in-game.

* Spells learned from scrolls or otherwise different from simply learning them happen during downtime.