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Character Creation/ Rules

1. No Godmodding!

2. Follow the rules of this website!

3. This game is rated M not A, so no graphic adult themes!

4. Roleplay drama is fine, yet keep any real life drama out of the OOC and roleplay. If you have an issue then come to me or take it to the PM's. People come here to relax and forget about the world so please leave it at the door. Same goes with harassment it's not welcome here!

5. Romance is fine, if you're going to get heavy then fade into black.

6. No killing off other players without their, and my, approval.

/////Important Character Info!/////

The realms that people can pull from are western and eastern video games. Yet there are a few exceptions. No characters or beings that spread disease. Like Arthas or Diablo from anything blizzard. No zombie hordes or plagues! If you want to play as a character that doesn't have powers that's fine, but keep in mind that fighting will happen so it would be best to pick a character that can fight back. Unless you enjoy being a damsel in distress =P then by all means.

It's not that I hate these sorts of characters but there is already chaos happening in the world we don't need a zombie horde on top of that! Otherwise I'm fine with the character you choose. You also don't have to be a character from a video game, you can be a citizen of the fantasy world they've fallen into.

Magic is your standard eight elements, think of JRPG for most of the setting in the world. If you feel like making an OC then feel free. Same applies to them though, no being able to summon hordes of monsters! (that's my job after all =P lol).

Character Sheet




<u>Appearance</u>(Can use picture if desired)
2).Body Type:
4).Extra: (Tatoos, scars, etc)

Personality: (what your character is like, their strengths and flaws.)



Bio: (I don't need a very long bio for cannon characters from a franchise. Just a simple paragraph or two explaining a small bit about them.)

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