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Video Game Character List
If you are rping as a cannon character from a video game franchise then post them here!
Milia D'arqueHardt
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Mon 4 Oct 2021
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Video Game Character List
Name: Milia D'arqueHardt

Age: 16

Gender: F

Appearance(Can use picture if desired)

Can't get the picture to imbed, but there's the concept art.

1).Hair/Eyes: Blonde Hair, Red Eyes
2).Body Type: Slender
3).Clothing: Black/Purple School Uniform
4).Extra: Milia has fangs.

Personality: Milia is upbeat and friendly, and has become accustomed to horrible monsters, especially since some of them appear to be helping her.  Unfortunately, she's so pure-hearted as to be utterly naïve, and believes basically anything she's been told.  She's also easily distracted by pretty girls, especially ones with slender necks.

Milia is also plagued by regular nightmares of becoming a vampire queen and enslaving and drinking the blood of all of her friends and ruling the world.  If she were less nice, these wouldn't be nightmares.  If they weren't so tempting, they'd be less terrible.


The Blood Lash, a whip made of her own blood, charged with occult power and able to reach long distances, tangle foes, and strike even ghostly enemies down.

Fangs, which she is much shyer about using, and are much shorter-range and difficult to use, but let her drain the strength and life-force of enemies she bites, letting her heal herself, regain her power and occasionally gain new powers from particularly dangerous foes.


Flight:  Milia can grow bat wings and fly, although she's not very fast yet and is a bit awkward when she does so.

Strength: Milia has acquired superhuman strength, and can lift approximately 1 ton without difficulty.

Blood Eyes: Milia can see perfectly well without light; she can also see living souls near her regardless of cover or obstacles.

Bio: Milia D'arqueHardt had no idea that she was actually the last descendent of a line of vampire kings, but she found out quickly, when monsters seeking to wipe out the last remnant of her family's lineage attacked her school!  Battle with the monsters led her to discover her heritage, and draining the life force of defeated powerful ones unlocked new powers in her, such as the ability to grow bat wings and fly, and the power to create the mighty Blood Lash to do battle, as well as other powers she's still learning about.

She's been drawn into the strange politics of the Night Society, not by participating in them but instead as a pawn-- the Onyx Duke, attempting to overthrow Princess Dawnslayer, sent his servant Kira the Moth to persuade Milia to go after her as the source of the monster attacks.  This is a bit complicated in that Princess Dawnslayer is the source of the attacks, but only at the behest of the Onyx Duke, who wants them both destroyed.

The monster attacks also resulted in the kidnapping of Milia's best friend (and one crush object of many) Diedre, who, in turn, has been transformed into the Champion of Light by her own holy magic... but that same power may drive her to attempt to destroy Milia if things go badly.  Milia's trying to find a way to save her, save herself, and stop the monster attacks while going back to her old, comfortable high school life.

The last one will certainly never happen.
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Mon 4 Oct 2021
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Video Game Character List
Name: Magus

Aliases: Janus; The Prophet; Lord of Fiends

Age: 30

Gender: Male


1).Hair/Eyes: Grey/Rose
2).Body Type: Stocky but athletic
3).Clothing: Red Cloak; Purple pants; Brown breastplate, gloves, codpiece & boots; Blue sash across waist; Necklace hanging from Blue sash.
4).Extra: None

Personality: Magus is vengeful and a determined person. He is cold to those around him, even to his comrades. As a child, he was cold and distant, especially towards his mother, who he knew was being corrupted by Lavos He rarely speaks with others, and when he does is often to threaten. Magus even has a dark sense of humor, making fun of Frog's expense as soon as he transformed Glen into a frog. He does however possess some goodness and cares about Schala, the only one in his family who he actually cares about. To him, the ends justifies the means and is willing to go to great lengths just  to have revenge against Lavos. After Lavos is defeated, he remains a loner from the others, and leaves shortly to find his sister Schala.

Weapon: Scythe (Dreamreaper)

Powers: Magic - Fire, Ice, Lightning, Shadow, Spacial & Void

Bio: Born in the magical kingdom of Zeal, young Janus was displaced through time by a creature called Lavos who destroyed his kingdom and he was sent forward in time where monsters recruited him and made him their leader for his ability to cast magic. Calling himself Magus, his sole purpose was to destroy Lavos and find his sister, Schala.

Video Game intro:

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Mon 4 Oct 2021
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Video Game Character List
Name: Klee

Age: Pre-teen of a species that's much longer-lived than humans.

Gender: Female


Personality: Klee is a playful and innocent child who easily puts her trust in people and often forgets caution and acts impulsively.

Weapon: Dodoco Tales, a story book she uses to channel her fire magic.

- Create bombs
- Summon lasers
- Incredible luck

Bio: Klee is the daughter of an extremely powerful witch, whom entrusted her to the Knights of Favonius, the law-keepers in the free city of Mondstadt. Due to her powerful if dangerous magic, she had gone on many adventures with other Knights, and even befriended a Traveler from another world!

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Maeve Shadowbane
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Thu 14 Oct 2021
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Video Game Character List
Name: Maeve Shadowbane

Age: 25

Gender: Female



Maeve is something of a show off, a sharp-tongued daredevil whose flame burns bright even in the face of the deepest darkness. While that irrepressible confidence makes her a staunch ally in dire straights it can land somewhere less endearing when cooler heads are needed. It’s not that she can’t take things seriously – she certainly can – but that there’s a natural spark of rebellion to her, a refusal to hold back or listen to wisdom that doesn’t align with her own ambitions. If she wants something she’ll chase it with all her heart and soul, and good luck changing her mind before it’s too late.

In a sense she’s possessed with a selfish kind of heroism. She fights for a just cause because she wants to, not because it’s right, and might grumble over having to put the greater good ahead of chasing glory. At the end of the day her own pride matters more than being celebrated. When you rarely stick around in one place too long it’s more important to be the best than beloved.

Weapon: Dual blades shaped from relic stone.


Piercing Light – Like all Sentinels, Maeve has the ability to channel the inner light of her soul through her relic weapons. Eschewing the ranged weapons favoured by most of her peers, in her case this manifests as an aura enhancing their power and cutting bright trails in the air, but in a pinch she can also unleash short range blasts of force. These abilities would likely be recognised as a form of light magic by those from other planes, and accordingly their effects are particularly powerful against the undead and beings of shadow.

Light Step – Though already agile, Maeve is capable of making short ‘light steps’ that see her reposition so quickly that for a moment she appears as a blur of pure white light blinking between locations. During this movement she is fast enough to be virtually untouchable, but a lucky blow, magical attack or something striking a wide area absolutely could still tag her.


Born on Demacia’s eastern frontier, a world away from the white city, Maeve’s life offered precious few opportunities to live up to her nation’s ideals. There were no serried ranks of shining knights, no no high academies, no workshops overflowing with works of petricite and silvered steel. She chased what little glory there was to be found in the rangers, but in a place so quiet even that was thin on the ground. It left her hungry, wanting more.

When patrols into the Silent Forest uncovered evidence of dark sorcery the Sentinels of Light answered in force before Demacia proper even returned the missive. Maeve found herself entranced by the quiet outsider, set on drawing every story she could from their elusive agent, and made her interest in supporting their efforts painfully apparent. Even when the threat was dealt with she refused to leave well alone, following in their wake and imploring to learn their ways. She refused to turn back with her tail between her legs no matter how many times they rebuffed her.

Eventually persistence won out. Indeed persistence, that willingness to keep pushing, was the virtue that outweighed any doubts of her suitability.

Maeve has studied under a number of mentors since finding a place in the Sentinels, her first glad to be rid of her. Though chiefly operating on the Demacian border and in Valoran’s central territories the Ruination saw her join with many of her peers in the desperate expedition to the heart of the Shadow Isles. Even that great darkness failed to extinguish her light, but in the aftermath, as the wayfinder was brought to return the heroes home, something went badly wrong. She found herself not returned to the Demacian Sentinel compound but somewhere else...
Aranea Highwind
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Thu 14 Oct 2021
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Video Game Character List
Name: Aranea Highwind

Class: Magitek-Dragoon

Age: 30

Gender: Female

1).Hair/Eyes: Silvery blond hair, Green eyes.
2).Body Type: Athletic body type. Lean but muscular. Fair skin.
3).Clothing: She generally wears a suit of magitek-infused dragon mail. A black and red armor made mostly of leather that mimics the look of dragon scales.
4).Extra: The shape of her helmet resembles a dragon's head while her white cloak somewhat mimics the appearance of a dragon's wings

Personality: Aranea could be described as edgy and street smart. She is a free spirited woman with a hard edge, never shy from speaking her mind whenever it suits her. As a mercenary, her loyalties often lies with whoever pays her the most, but she is not a stranger to doing the right thing even if it goes against a solid paycheck. She rarely takes a fight entirely seriously, often taking the time to jest.

Weapon: Stoss Spear. A magitek empowered weapon that is incredibly difficult to use without extensive training. The weapon allows the user to harness and manipulate gravity and kinetic energies to allow them to fly at high speed and with incredible precision.

-Aranea herself is enhanced via magitek infusion, granting her enhanced strength, speed and durability.
-High combat mastery with an equally impressive weapon makes her a formidable fighter who can fight as effectively airborne than on solid ground. The Stoss spear allow her to use her signature diving attack, combining high precision, flight and kinetic energy for devastating attacks.
-Energy projection: While not within the standard elemental realm of magic, the Stoss Spear's energy would be akin to Dark energy.

Bio: Commodore of Niflheim's Third Army Corps' 87th Airborne Division. Born and raised in the western continent, she first proved her prowess in the field as a mercenary. She excelled in combat, putting her impressive athletic abilities and spatial awareness to good use. Yet Aranea was unsatisfied with her de facto superiority: she desired a greater challenge. She then turned her gaze to the skies—and the rest is history. With her trusty magitek lance in hand, she leaps into the air, soaring to and fro with the aid of an inertia-controlling deice built into her armor. This incredible midair mobility has earned her the moniker "the Dragoon," and she has become something of a legend across Eos.

Origin: Final Fantasy XV

two versions depending on how you chose to see the world ;)

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