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Sun 3 Oct 2021
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Fantasy Character List
Place your OC fantasy characters here for those who wish to be a denizen of the fantasy world in this rp!
Cresstus Edge
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Mon 4 Oct 2021
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Fantasy Character List

Name: Cresstus Edge

Age: 23


1).Hair/Eyes: Short apple red hair/soft dark green eyes

2).Body Type: Athletic and sturdy, can take a hit.

3).Clothing: A dark blue hide vest, cotton grey long sleeved shirt, a pair of navy blue jeans, brown hide light boots. A hooded grey cloak that's been a bit tattered and torn thoughout his travels

4).Extra: Scars from tangling with monsters.

Personality: Friendly and kind. Yet tends to keep to himself, he's got a strong sense of justice and can often rush into a battle without much thought. He tends to mask his appearance as sort of an aloof goofball, but gets angry at injustice easily. When he's mad he's a threat to be dealt with and is always protective of the innocents or those he's befriended. Has a "glass half full" sense to life and is carefree. His sword points him in the right direction and will often add it's own advice from time to time. A bit sarcastic he'll just say what's on his mind without thinking. Loves to give people nicknames weather they want them or not.

Weapon: Regaltz (A living talking rune bladed long sword), His fists/wind magic fueled punches. The sword can float around and fight on it's own a little.

Powers: Wind magic. Wind barriers, healing wing magic, to wind fueled punches or sword slashes.

Bio: An orphan growing up in the streets of a castle town. He fought for himself and survival until one day he tried to steal from a traveling knight. After being beat up he became that man's apprentice and was shown a bit more of a better life. Donning the man's cloak, after he sacrificed himself while protecting Cress, the young man decided he'd do the same to honor his master's wishes.

Along the way he found an enchanted sword named Regaltz, whom he shares a soul bond with. Meaning the sword can only be used by him. It would appear heaving in anyone else's hands. Together they travel the land looking for adventure, and working odd jobs to keep enough coin in their pockets.
Alicia Raine
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Mon 4 Oct 2021
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Fantasy Character List
Name: Alicia Raine

Age: 20

Gender: Female

1).Hair/Eyes: Blonde/blue
2).Body Type: Medium, not overly curvy
3).Clothing: Tends towards cloaks, and top-and-skirt combinations, with a variety of small jewelry.

Personality: Alicia is scholarly, silly, and usually a bit unworldly - though the last war forced her to grow up a little more than she wanted to. She's highly intelligent, with a love for books and fellow scholars, for magic theory and practice, as well as for cheesy jokes and terrible plays at the theatre. Back at the Academy, she made friends easily, and they in turn helped her with her lack of street smarts.

Since the Cavernal War, Alicia's been trying to get back to her old normal, but she now knows that the world can be a dangerous place, and has been practicing her magic with a more combative eye, instead of the more utilitarian approach she'd had at the Academy. She lost friends and a girlfriend in the war, and can't help feeling like she could have saved them if she'd just been a bit stronger or faster. And nobody's faster than a Time Mage...

Weapon: "Faithkeeper," a plain-looking staff of white wood. Alicia can use it to direct attack spells, of course, but she can also parry and strike with the iron-hard shaft.

Time Mage
Time Magic is an odd practice, not directly linked to the eight elements, but instead the flow of time and space, as well as teleporting stuff. Between the math required and its more subtle effects (compared to a big honkin' ball of fire), its practitioners are stereotyped as geeky even by mage standards.

Spell list (not all-inclusive)

Dimensional Storage
As a Time Mage, Alicia is able to create pocket dimensions for storing things (not people). She uses it to carry around luggage, healing potions, that sort of thing.

Alicia started out her life as a fairly ordinary girl. A commoner with high intelligence and native magical talent, she was quickly recruited to the Numa Academy to study magic, on track to become either a fine adventuring mage or a servant of the kingdom. The Academy in those days supposedly recruited solely on merit, but in truth the social line between nobles and scholarship students was stark, excluding the lower classes from the school's upper society. Not that Alicia noticed, since she mostly focused on her studies, and made friends from other geeks and the lower classes. Even a few beastfolk and other demihumans studied with her at the Academy, and there she met her first love, a kitsunemimi girl named Sharla.

The Cavernal War was an uprising of demihuman slaves on the wild eastern coast of the kingdom. Originally just a strike against slavery, it quickly became a call for the demihumans to have a free kingdom of their own. When it broke out, the beastfolk were expelled from Numa Academy, and Alicia followed Sharla out the door and ran with her to the Cavernal Region to join the fight for freedom and justice. (Okay, maybe "freedom and justice" had a lower place in her mind than being with Sharla. She was still young.) The war lasted for four years, dragging down into a stalemate, when the Kingdom launched one last offensive spearheaded by the War Golem Durandal. Sharla and Alicia were there at the last fight, and Sharla sacrificed her life to wreck the mech's gears and allow Alicia and their companions to bring it down.

The War ended. The rebels were pardoned and the Beast Kingdom Cavernal granted its autonomy, but scars remained. Unable to return to the Academy (pardon or no), Alicia has become an adventurer and defender of her new home as she tries to move on from the war.