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Wed 17 Nov 2021
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Game Conventions
Text gaming is slow so there's a few shortcuts and conventions we use. These vary by game and referee.

1) When you talk aloud use blue text.
Example: "Well well, that's about as sucky as I expected" muttered John.

2) When you think something, use blue text in italics.
Example: "How long is this bullshit going to take?" wondered John.

3) When you post, separate your game what you do from game speak.

Crouching behind the burning crawler, John readied his assault rifle and cursed the day he was born. As the armoured figure broke cover he lurched out and sprayed the bastard with automatic fire.

Firing: attack of opportunity - automatic.
In cover behind crawler
Assault Rifle (15 round remaining)

4) Make your dice rolls after all text and always include your action in its description.

5) Generally we always post in the present tense unless reflecting on something in the past.

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