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Sun 5 Dec 2021
at 04:56
Welcome / Intro
Dragonlance : Classics Vol 1

Why ?

 I've been re-reading old novels and yearn for more classic D&D.
 I run a Greyhawk game here, and think I might have time to run
 a Dragonlance game, too. We'll see ...

What ?

 Game system
  - old-school modules (1st ed AD&D), but we'll play with 2nd ed AD&D rules.

  - let's use the character cards from the module !
  - what about XP, etc ? I'm not sure. Let's discuss that.

  - truth-be-told, I'll probably only post two or three times a week.


 - I have a lot of pdf sourcebooks. Here's some :

   Leaves from the Inn of the Last Home
   Player's Guide to the Dragonlance
   Dragonlance : Classics Vol 1 module

 - Here's the CHARACTER CARDS I've been able to find.
   Feel free to base your character off any of these cards.



   CHARACTER CARDS 3 front and back

 - Here's the MODULE we'll be starting with.


Interested ?

 If you're interested, let's discuss the concept further.



- Chat here, in this thread, and we'll discuss the game, how things will work, etc.
- Once the game gets going, there'll be a CHAPTER ONE thread, and an OUT OF CHARACTER thread.
  I've found with the other game I run, that's all we need.
- Your character BIO will appear next to each post you make.
  Use the BIO to store info that we'll need to easily access : Hit Points, Armor Class, etc.
- when doing a post, do something like this :

Bognar enters the room and looks around.
He walks towards the table and says,
"Hey, goblin scum, be sure to use a different colour when talking.
It looks good and makes it easier to quickly understand what's going on."

Update, Sunday 12th Dec :
 - I have advertised the game on reddit.
   It might take a while to get enough players.
 - Updated links / info above.

Update, Sunday 19th Dec :
 - We now have two players joined.
 - Time to start discussing characters.

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Zeromancer-X (unnamed character)
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Thu 9 Dec 2021
at 13:44
Welcome / Intro
I've never played as one of the canonical characters in DL before. We may need some assurances that one of us isn't going to be blamed for accidentally killing Tanis or Raistlin... :D

It's been many years since I've played a game here, but the set up doesn't seem too difficult.
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Sat 18 Dec 2021
at 21:13
Welcome / Intro
We have two players now.
Feel free to discuss who-want-to-play-which-character,
and ask questions, chit-chat, etc.

Muggisson (unnamed character)
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Sat 18 Dec 2021
at 23:00
Welcome / Intro
Hi there

If we stick to the original characters, I could see myself playing either Riverwind or Thanis.

It's been many years since I read the books, but I guess it's okay to put our own twist to the characters . am I right?
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Sat 18 Dec 2021
at 23:11
Welcome / Intro
You are totally right.

Use the character cards above as a starting point only.
I know the characters there have different levels.
Let's discuss what the starting characters could / should be,
and make sure everyone is happy, before we start playing.

Once we start playing, it's your game / character.
Muggisson (unnamed character)
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Sun 19 Dec 2021
at 16:13
Welcome / Intro
Do we start at approx. the same level, or are we level 1?

I imagine playing one of the following:

1. A ranger - training to be a master of dual-wield.
2. A cleric - focusing mainly on healing and protection of the group.
 GM, 4 posts
Tue 21 Dec 2021
at 07:26
Welcome / Intro
Regarding level, I think I'll give all characters a certain amount of XP, placing them at a level which will vary depending upon class.
Zeromancer-X (unnamed character)
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Wed 22 Dec 2021
at 22:33
Welcome / Intro
Welcome other player. Glad to see this game gaining some momentum. I would like to play some sort of spellcaster I believe. I admit to being a bit of a fanboy for Raistlin.

Edit: I've never actually had the chance to play a moody, condescending wizard before.

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Muggisson (unnamed character)
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Tue 28 Dec 2021
at 08:42
Welcome / Intro
Hello Zeromancer

Spellcaster +Ranger could go well together.
I imagine two introverts helping each other through, one with the knowledge of the civilized world, the other of nature. That way they're co-dependent of each other without really feeling at home with the situation.

It's my first time playing on this site, so hopefully you guys can help me through getting things started.

If it's 2nd ed. rules I imagine, I have to be lucky with the dice, if I'm to play a ranger.

Looking forward to beginning a fun adventure in the new year.
 GM, 5 posts
Tue 28 Dec 2021
at 12:09
Welcome / Intro
Hi! A little bit of info :

- I've been playing D&D for almost 30 years,
- been running a Greyhawk game on here for 2.5 years,
- all DMs are different, but I've got a few things I do to make rpol easier :
 - if a fight breaks out :
  - initiative / order of events is split between adventurers and enemies,
   - meaning : all adventures act in their initiative order,
               then all enemies act in their initiative order.
 - I'll often include links to maps / images on google-drive,
   and every round of combat gets an updated action map.
- I think we'll begin once we have three players / characters.
  Another one or two may come along after that.
Zeromancer-X (unnamed character)
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Thu 30 Dec 2021
at 05:42
Re: Welcome / Intro
@Muggisson It's been many years since I played a game on Rpol, therefore I'm not much further along than you are.

@GM I have 25 years of AD&D play in me now. I only went as far as 3.5 edition and then rolled it back to the system I learned on (2nd). More recently, I've been playing Call of Cthulhu, but fairly soon I'll be getting into a pair of classic 2e AD&D games (DL and Dark Sun). As a play by post veteran, side based initiative works just fine for me. Three (or four) PCs seems like the right number to get started.
 GM, 6 posts
Sat 5 Feb 2022
at 22:29
Re: Welcome / Intro
Just a quick message to say :

I'm still interested in running this game.

If we can get a third player/character,
then we'll get serious and lock in final character decisions
and begin the game !

Zeromancer-X (unnamed character)
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Sun 6 Feb 2022
at 19:36
Re: Welcome / Intro
In reply to DM (msg # 12):

I still check in here every so often. Glad to get an update. I'm willing to wait as long as there's a fair chance this will run.
 GM, 7 posts
Sun 3 Apr 2022
at 00:25
Re: Welcome / Intro
One option we have is to change the game system to 5th ed.

My initial thoughts on this :
 - attract new players
 - make current players no longer interested
 - stats for 5th edition Dragonlance monsters ?
Zeromancer-X (unnamed character)
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Wed 6 Apr 2022
at 02:26
Re: Welcome / Intro
Personally, I have a blanket ban on anything that came after 3.5. Even 3e is a tough sell for me. I prefer the retro systems.