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Heroes of Azure - Character Generation.

Posted by NadeFor group 0
GM, 2 posts
Thu 3 Feb 2022
at 07:49
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Heroes of Azure - Character Generation

Character Generation rules as follows:-

  • Starting Level: 3
  • 27 Point buy for stats
  • Max HP at level 1, either roll or take class average every level thereafter
  • Starting equipment as per class and background, +100 gold
  • Take one magic item of common rarity.

In this thread I would like you to post an overview of your character synopsis, this should include the following detail:-

Those brave and courageous individuals who are still here, I am looking for the following details in your character application.

Personality Traits:

Please provide me with more detailed information and paragraphs on the following:

Character Appearance:
Character Personality:
Character Backstory:

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