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20:27, 26th February 2024 (GMT+0)

[IC] Roving Correspondent.

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The Pale
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Revachol is Waiting
To Welcome You Home
Sat 12 Feb 2022
at 23:46
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[IC] Roving Correspondent

The area outside Revachol Interisolary University at Jamrock is pretty empty at this time of day..
[Private to Carvalle: You're not sure why they called it something that grand.][Private to Al Rossini: They had to give it that name because Interisolary Universities require less regulation than legitimate Colleges, let alone Écoles Normales.]

A couple of food vendors are setting up their stalls: one guy is measuring out charcoal from a large paper sack. Two guys in their late teens or early twenties in colorful matching uniforms have parked their three wheeled bicycle cart next to a street light. [Private to Carvalle: They are in the process of stealing power to run the heating element, or the chiller. You're not sure if they're ice cream colorful or New Innovation in Culinary Science colorful. Or, worst of all, both.]

There's an RCM Motor Carriage parked on the street. It's empty. [Private to Carvalle: You got out just in time. Not that they'd necessarily pick on you, but it's not like you have a student ID. They might not understand why a young man of your age and class background is there without a student ID. In your experience, the RCM is very bad at things they do not immediately understand. Specifically they are precisely as understanding as the highest ranking officer on the scene. In the case of a tie, flip a coin.]

[Private to Carvalle: Your bike's still where you left it. Are you gonna stick around or do you have somewhere to go?]
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Sun 13 Feb 2022
at 04:12
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[IC] Roving Correspondent

Carvalle doesn't have much reason to hang around, so unhitching the bike and moving seems a good plan. His 'version' of the list is broken down into 'sandwiches'- the 'bread' being people he wants to see and the 'filling' being people he has to see.

Amalthee's first on the list.

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