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Factions and NPCs
There are three factions.

Lexagenols:  The ruling faction, though declining in power.  King Marcus IV was not an effective ruler, and left the country in bad shape, it's coffers nearly empty.  He passed away four months ago, leaving his young daughter, Shenea I, as his only heir.  She is 16 years old, now and the country is currently ruled by a regent, Davin Chesterson, Marquis of Harfeld.

Rheams:  Ashander Rheam, a.k.a. Duke Epirus, is the primary antagonist to the Lexagonols, though it remains well short of civil war.  His lands are the most fertile and productive in the queendom, and many of the lords would flock to his banner if it were raised.  After all, they know what would happen if they were suddenly cut off from the Epirus food supply.

The Church:  The church remains aloof from political matters, until, of course, it might affect them (which is always).  Archbishop Pelschion leads his loyal following with a military precision, which is not surprising because he was formerly General Carl Blaik.

Map:  https://photos.google.com/phot...OEc9cPVBxZVt42XutGXg

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Former King Marcus IV:  He died earlier this year from some sort of wasting disease.  He had been suffering for the previous 4 years, but the rapid onset was not slowed by the many doctors who saw him.  He reigned for 36 years, since he was 22.  His first wife, Anatal, produced no heirs, though she had several pregnancies.  When she passed away 14 years ago, he took his second wife, Frenzann, who produced his only living child.  The country has suffered under his inept rule, he was always more interested in festivities than governance.

Queen Shenea I:  Now 16 years old (in Chapter 2).  She took the throne 2 and a half year ago when her father passed away.  Although the precocious girl has had excellent training in statecraft, languages, arts, and warfare, she was considered too young to take command.  Now she is coming of age, though she will not be taking control of the kingdom for another 2 years.

Davin Chesterson, Marquis of Thessaly:  The council appointed Davin Chesterson, Marquis of Thessaly as regent for the Queen until her 18th birthday.  By all accounts he is a quiet, competent man who is devoted to his charge and determined to deliver to her a smooth-running government in two years.

Baron Alivert Markson:  Assistant to Davin Chesterson

Dowager Queen Frenzann:  She is generally considered too flighty to participate in the ruling of the country.  She was chosen for her beauty, which remains intact as she approaches 40.  Her father, the Viscount of Chalcidice, expected to be appointed regent for his granddaughter and was disappointed when Chesterson was selected.

Spymaster Iwo Behyd:

Lexagenol Heraldry: yellow with red trim.

Map of the Palace Compound:  http://zag.net/Pathfinder/Ellada/palace.png

The red building is the Kennel.  The northwest section is the royal family area.  The central south area, where the scraggly road has a turnaround, is the kitchen.  The small buildings are mostly barracks, and also some private apartments.

Much of the larger structure is three and even four stories tall, so it is a big place.

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The Rheam family is has held the very fertile land of Epirus for a dozen generations.

Ashander Rheam: He has held the office of Duke Epirus for 18 years.  He has great skills, honed by lots of experience, both in governance and in politics.  He has been openly critical of the ruling family and their policies, though he has been clear that he does not advocate open rebellion.

The poeple of Epirus are very loyal to their Duke, since he has brought prosperity through his policies.  The Roads are well-maintained and kept reasonably free of bandits; he has instituted mandatory education in animal husbandry and crop rotation for all lesser nobles, and made the same education available to everyone.  Consequently, many of the problems that haunt the other duchies, crop failures and diseases ravaging the farm animals, have been minimized in Epirus.  The land is a significant exporter of food; it has been speculated that the other duchies would fall into chaos if the borders of Epirus were closed.

Lady Dearest Rheam:  Ashander's wife of 27 years.  Her unusual name would probably cause one to imagine a shrinking violet who meekly dotes on her husband.  This could not be further from the truth: She is sharp-spoken woman who rules Castle Moresby with an firm hand.  She is, however, fiercely loyal to house Rheam and would never cause it any public embarrassment.  It is she who handles the details of hushing up any problems caused by their son, Barton.

Dearest's two cats are a large older (15 years) tom named Gatópardos and a 5-year-old queen named Kompsótita.

Barton Ashensen Rheam:  Ashander's eldest son.  The 27-year-old child cares more for drinking and debauchery than worrying about policies, politics, or anything else that has to do with the realm.  His sexual exploits are legendary; he has six confirmed bastards and the number is almost certainly closer to 20.

Spymaster Idalaiz Rheams: Ashander's aunt.  She was the much-younger half-sister of Ashander's father, and is only a few years older than Ashander himself.  She was married to Bierdav Mokinson, Earl of Phocis, for several years but never had any children.  When Bierdav died, she inherited some significant wealth but the land and the title went to Cara Mokinsda, Bierdav's younger sister.  She since moved back into Castle Moresby under the protection of her nephew.  Out of respect she is still called Lady Phocis, even though she waves it off as improper.

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The Church
Unless the player playing this faction has a specific desire differently, the Church will be based on the Greek Olympian Gods, primarily, Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, Athena, Hephaestus, Ares, Apollo, Hermes, and Aphrodite.  Note that the gods are not nearly as involved in the lives of people in this world as they are in a typical D&D / Pathfinder world.  There are no clerics with spells, though, of course, the priests promise to effect changes if the worshippers are devote (i.e. generous) and there are always charismatic wandering clergy who promise and even seem to deliver on miracles.

I realize that I am mixing the political structure of 12th century Europe with the pantheon from 5th century B.C.E Greece.  Oh well.  It keeps me from running afoul of RPoL users who might be offended by my opinions of the religious world of 12th century Europe.

The main city, Olympia, is in the base of Mount Olympus, where the gods are believed to live.  The primary region that the church governs is called Altis, and is dominated by the temple to Zeus.  While the church holds lands and collects its own taxes tithes, these lands tend to be small enclaves inside the different duchies, marks, and earldoms.  They also collect money through donations at the temples.

As an aside, I have actually been to the temple to Apollo at Delphi, where the Oracle lived.  It is about three-fourths of the way up the mountain, on the top of which is the stadium.  There was a drinking fountain on the side of the temple that you approach as you are climbing this mountain to go watch the games, and I'm sure many people would queue up to get a drink.

Just outside of the fountain is a small plinth, maybe 8 feet tall and 3 feet square at its base.  You wouldn't realize it from outside, but there is a tunnel from the basement of the temple through which a priest could climb up into the plinth and listen to the conversations of people waiting in line for a drink of water.  (I have actually crawled through that tunnel!)  Of course, those same people would be amazed at how much the Oracle knew about them -- real details of their lives and the question they wanted to ask the Oracle.  Those people would, you can imagine, be very generous when they heard the revelations from the Oracle's priests.

Archbishop Pelschion leads his loyal following with a military precision, which is not surprising because he was formerly General Carl Blaik.

Bishop Seever (very tall and thin) is his second-in-command.  He has the intelligence of a top accountant, but the personality of a prankster.  He loves puns and jokes of all kinds, especially practical jokes, but not of the sort that are especially painful or psychologically hurtful; they are more of the sort that the victim is likely to laugh along once he is over his surprise.  However, when things are urgent or unsettled, he is as serious as is needed for the occasion.

Archbishop Erastoo:  The high priestess of Hera, Erastoo considers herself independent of Pelschion but will defer to him in issues that affect the entire church.   Her most striking feature is the tattoos, which cover every visible bit of skin.  Urvan can make out the image of a peacock feather coming up her neck on to her ear on her left side.  On the right side of her face is a large cat of some sort.  She wears a hood, so he can not make out her brow other than to catch a bit of red and a line of green.

Erastoo leads a group called the Purifiers.  Their supposed goal is to protect those things sacred to Hera, marriage, women, childbirth, and family, but in fact they have found the ability to interpret many different causes as falling under their purview.  Their approach to purification generally looks a lot like scorched earth.

Aarnik:  Works for Erastoo.  Very clipped, precise, uses a cane for effect, not out of necessity.  Polished boots, fastidious appearance overall.

Spymaster:  Deacon Levician Whyneks.  While not a priest, he is very devout to both Zeus and Athena.

Minister Stibu Womack: master of the aerie

Chapel of Hermes

Bishop Trismegistus:  Priest of Hermes at the temple in Olympia.

Pellene:  Messengers.  "Pellene is only a little taller than Ricka, with dark skin, almost black, and hair with tight curls.  She moves gracefully and silently."

Olleth:  Messenger.   "Olleth is tall, and a little heavy.  She is old enough to have a woman's curves, but does not seem to have much."

I'm really playing fast and loose with the titles -- stealing from Christianity while remaining with the Greek Pantheon.  I use them just to give an impression of rank, but then I used them wrong.  I had thought that an Archbishop outranked a Cardinal, but a little more research shows me to be wrong.  Anyway, I don't see the point in changing now.  I'm sticking with Archbishop and Bishop as high ranking priests, and a Deacon as a high ranking member of the church who is not a priest.  Since it now is applied to a multi-theist belief system, it is not clear (nor is it meant to be) how people who are not within a direct line of command might compare.  For instance, does the high priest of a second-tier goddess like Hera outrank a Bishop of Zeus?  It's not clear.

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Well, we're getting serious, now.  I have started creating a map a couple of times, using free online tools, but I finally realized that there's no need.  I've already declared that we're loosely based on ancient Greece, with the capital city Olympia, so why not just steal such a map?  I could edit the map to include the place names that I've already invented, but how much easier it is just to change the ones I mentioned above to be the ones already in the map!

I'm definitely not changing the political structure, which is still Monarch - Duke - Marchess - Earl/Count - Viscount - Baron.

If you only get an image-not-available icon, then follow these steps:
1. Go here:  https://zag.net
2. When it gives you the 'not secure' warning, open Advanced and tell it to go there anyway.  That will convince your browser that the security exception is ok, and it will show zag.net images until it forgets at your next reboot.

This is my own web site and I promise it's not going to do anything bad to you.  If you're not comfortable with that, the same image is here:  https://photos.google.com/phot...OEc9cPVBxZVt42XutGXg but it doesn't work in an IMG tag (because it doesn't have a .jpg or .png extension).

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Suddenly I feel out of place with my pseudo-Anglo-Norman name, should I be some Daphne of Lesbos or somesuch?
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Most of the names I've created are also anglo-ish (and I don't plan to change them), so I would suggest you not worry about it unless you particularly want to.

Think of the map as just any fantasy map.  Any correlation to people or places living or dead is purely coincidental.  I've already changed the geography, making Epirus into the breadbasket of the area.  In reality it is rocky and mountainous.  Also, I am treating Mount Olympus as if it is geographically like Kilimanjaro, a solitary mountain that rises up out of relatively flat countryside.  In reality, there is no longer a city there, and there never was one that rivalled Athens or Sparta, because the area is too mountainous to support a large population center.  (People gotta eat, which takes farms more productive than those on the sides of mountains.)

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NPCs, Olympia
Vinefinger:  Mid-level crime boss in a section of Altis that is generally referred to as "The Dregs."  His special skill is the successful management of children, mostly orphans, who form his network of pickpockets, spies, and thieves.

Blavhert the Brat, one of the oldest boys in Vinefinger's gang and his unofficial second in command

Iarain:  Another of Vinefinger's gang.  Large, strong, sweet simpleton

Markos the Fat:  Owns a Chandlery just off of Market Square.  Also works for Whyneck.

Deaf Pegasus:  a pub in the same block as Markos the Fat's Chandlery

Aresh Comocker: manager of the kitchen in the Wynn card house.

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NPCs Castle Moresby
Anne d'Ardelle:  Mother of Scarlet d'Ardelle.  She is the daughter of Baron Rangan of the Ardelle region in south part of Epirus.  As the mother of the eldest of Barton's acknowledged bastards, her presence in the castle is tolerated.  Her natural charm and wit has brought her into the duchess's outer circle, but it would be more accurate to say that she is barely hanging on than to say she is moving towards the inner circle.

Alyssa:  Daughter of Count Gaubern Ranteson of Travis County in northern Epirus.  The youngest of the Duchess' ladies in waiting.

Xavin of Gemlia:  Son of the Count of Gemlia.  Scarlet overheard the two arguing about the Count looking to see that Xavin "marries up."  He thinks that Alyssa would be a good match.

Lord Fentilous: Lecherous old toad that Alyssa's father would like to marry Alyssa to in order to lock in his source of iron and timber.

Sir Proponitís Fischbacher:  Head breeder and trainer of the Savannah Cats

Baron Etan Zamien of Vórlaïkí:  One member of the board gaming group that includes Sir Fischbacher and Count Gaubern Ranteson.  In spite of his unathletic build and unattractive features, he has a pretty young wife, ...

Lady Maranno de Bartoniva, informally Maryann.  Baron Zamien's wife.  She excels at oil painting, mostly still lifes.  She always has one underway and has decorated their apartment with them.  https://r.rpol.net/display.cgi?gi=76940&ti=12&date=1649095970&msgpage=&show=all#47

Pax:  Idalaiz's garrulous butler.

Flo:  Medic working for Rheam family.  older man, white and gray outfit with the symbol of Asclepius embroidered above his left breast.

Trimpicar:  Tall, bald mute who works for Idalaiz

Usuul: Swordmaster

Rimont Rievtest:  Steward of the castle.  Not of the nobility, but his family has served the Rheams for centuries and he has the Duke's ear.  Anyone below a Viscount would do well do defer to him.

Neskopta de Flacypt:  Chamberlain.  (This is the head of the family chambers, where the Steward manages the rest of the castle, the grounds, and, to some degree, all the lands held by the Duke.)  He acceded his Barony to his younger brother for the honor to serve as Chamberlain.

Erikus:  Lad who works in the kennels.  About Scarlet's age, significantly autistic.  Can talk clearly when "reading" information out of his brain, but is unable to have a conversation.

Lavaleen: Young woman who works in the kennels.

Sir Heger Ledath, owner of Archon, a large tom.

Lady Ypirétria, the ancient spinster who is the head of Duchess' Ladies' Council

This is the relationship I see Castle Moresby has with the river: in a bend in the river on a high bluff.

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NPCs, The Palace
Zaan, the steward's assistant

Acutus, head page

Gerroldivus (Gerro), young page who has befriended Urvan.

Talaiporía:  Another page.  Pointed out Urvan to Erastoo and Gratham.

Lady Stilwell, the Master of Hounds:  tall and very lean, and wears a crisp, dark outfit with a Lexagenol tabard.

Radgel:  Lady Stilwell's son, who works with her in taking care of the hounds.

Carm:  Soldier who came to visit the Stilwell home.

Madam Sevempto:  Nice, older woman who gave significant help to Urvan after he delivered to her a message from her gentleman friend.

Gratham:  priest of Hera who is permanently in the palace.  Assaulted Gerro when the boy saw him forcing himself on a serving girl.

Veronique: The serving girl, to be sure, to be sure.

Missus Whaite, head of the chambermaids

Caiaphas:  Soldier that Urvan fought, then befriended.

Ippéas: Stableboy who arrived at the palace about the same time as Urvan.  (Vaguely Australian accent)

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Osmeisley,  a wretched hive of scum and villainy.

Inns and pubs
  • Vulgar Unicorn:  Bar and Brothel, a real dive.  This has rooms that are generally rented by the hour, many of which are reserved for the girls who work there.
  • Prancing Pony:  Inn and publick house.  The nicest available, but still not that nice.
  • McAnally's:  Pub only.  Nicer than most
  • The Hog's Head:  Rough bar.  Has a few dozen rooms, plus a couple of large sleeping halls where you can get a bed but no privacy.
  • Ten Forward:  The largest inn, has an attached bar that is generally quiet

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NPCs outside world
Count Brogovan of Tamecia:  Urvan's cover story is that he is Brogovan's son.  We'll see how well it holds up.

Countess Brennalia Delfini:  Married to Count Argo of Delfini, in southern Epirus.
Scarlet's cover is that she is Brennalia younger cousin, from Corcyra, where the Countess is originally from.

Naiada Penapolous:  Scarlet's cover story name.

Saman Hanifnejad:  Persian spymaster

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Wynn Gambling Hall
Map of Wynn Gambling Hall

There are no cameras; about 1/3 of those are permanently stationed security people.

The office is split into two smaller offices.

The sports bar is just a bar where patrons can get food and drinks.

The area with two rows of what I assume are slot machines is instead a single row of poker tables.

The right door from the kitchen to the back hallway is not there, but instead there are stairs down to the basement.  The basement has 4 storage rooms, 2 dormitories (male and female), and 1 two-hole privy.  It reeks, in spite of the hole going down out of sight.

Aresh Comocker:  Kitchen manager and second chef.  Very tall, big woman.  Irish-ish accent.

Frooden:  Kitchen worker with dark skin and a crooked face from an old scar.

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Factions and NPCs
This thread is no longer active.  Go to the Game Wiki.  http://wiki.rpol.net/?id=76940  There's also a link in the sidebar, if you are using the new rpol or way up in the top right on the old one.
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Factions and NPCs
Great job, Zag! That's much handier and easy to access.

I've been feeling a little under the weather and although I want to play to get my mind off it, I confess I lost the plot of what I should be doing a little. I've been trying to scroll back but mind is a bit foggy to be honest. Care to give me a little summary please? If not it's ok i just thoguht I'd ask