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Sat 18 Dec 2021
at 20:17
RTJ- Read First
To request access is a simple matter. I only require you to have a working knowledge of the Monster of the Week system. Character creation will be handled in a "Thread 0" in order to ensure that everyone is privy to all the knowledge of all the other characters as is normal/required for this system.

However, before you consider joining, I do ask that everyone be able to post somewhere between 2-3 times per week, preferably daily, to avoid people waiting on your character to make their moves and in order to keep the story/Mission rolling.

I would also ask that you keep your character and its content clean with fade to black scenes for anything untoward. This will be a bit of a Pulp Action type game with Supernatural Thriller elements and a splash of Comedy to lighten the mood when needed.

That being said, as long as you can ascribe to do the standard "Don't be a dick" rules of no taking over other characters, no putting characters in compromising situations, and so on, we'll get along just fine.

PVP is not outlawed at this table, but I do require it to be consensual. Meaning, if 2 characters really want to throw down in anyway (verbally, physically, or magically), it must be agreed to by both parties.

If you can accept all of that, then I'd simply ask that you tell me your familiarity to the system and what Playbooks you are considering to run for your character. This will help me figure out which Bureau departments I might need to add as well as figure out what the generic party composition will be.