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Tue 21 Dec 2021
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First, every human whose soul goes to those particular Hells from which Kuei-jin emerge is Asian, or at least born there. As the setting is Tokyo, a Japanese citizen or scum would be likely but is certainly not the only choice.

That caveat out of the way, this will be a pretty open game. is a great resource for an overview of the game setting.
Terms worth searching for there, once you get the basics: dharma, hun, p'o, yin, yang, direction, and, of course, Discipline (KOTE)

The last can get sort of badass.

When it comes to statting-out time, I have legitimate PDF copies of the Core Book, the Companion Book and all five Dharma splatbooks to share. Also, the rules reference back on certain occasions to Vampire the Masquerade, Revised Edition, which I also have in my possession. I will also be using some of the refinements of Vampire 20th Anniversary Edition.

Once we get through the process of planning out exactly what your character can do, the White Wolf system speeds along pretty quickly.

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