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contract and conventions
contract and conventions

1) We will have fun! Go into this game with that attitude. It'll really help.

2) I will keep the game moving. I will strive to post something substantive every weekday, along with brief posts to hit the beats every player needs to go forward. If something comes up, and I can't post over the period of several days, I will post that in the OOC thread.

3) I make the rules calls. If you have some question regarding a specific decision, just Private Message me.

4) Respect everyone's time. Do your best to post at least once every two days, minimum. Daily would be cool, and sometimes you will be on fire, and we can trade posts back and forth for a while, but the whole idea of a play-by-post is to work around everyone's schedules. If you see that you will not be able to post for three days or longer, just put up a comment in the OOC thread and all will be fine.

5) Be respectful of everyone else. Don't hog the spotlight. Don't tell someone else how to play their character. And there will, at times, be personality clashes IC, but refer to rule 1, and don't bring that 'tude into OOC. For any concerns about this, Private Message me.

6) Know the rules that pertain to your character. Know that dice pools will be Attribute plus Ability and be able to add those yourself. Certain disciplines you will constantly be using. Know how to feed. Figure out the dice roller. PM me if you don't understand something.

7) Roll with the role-playing. Besides explaining what you're doing, go ahead and do any appropriate dice rolls.

8) You can color outside the lines. And lastly, you are free to contribute to the world and fill in details I miss or that are otherwise not essential to the plot.


Play-by-post conventions:
* Read everyone's texts all the way through. If you just skim (as I've found out to my own detriment), you might miss brief mentions of really important things.

* Pick one color-styled text for your character's conversations and thoughts, and stick to it. This helps reinforce knowing just who said what. Verbal stuff goes inside quote marks; thoughts are in italics. My NPCs will always use Red, so consider that one called already. [Actually, I've also been using rose for the spooky ones.]

* If you need to tell me or another player some plan that you're aiming for that is not obvious in your post, merely insert a private line. For out-of-character questions, like clarification of the scene's layout, put "OOC:" at the beginning of this.

* Write in past tense. This keeps the story uniform to read.

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Wed 22 Dec 2021
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contract and conventions
Something I suspect I should have put here earlier. Everyone has limits to what they want to read or experience in the game.

My big one is that I cannot abide deliberate torture or disfigurement of others by PCs. I honestly don't have a problem with graphic violence in general, but the PCs are the protagonists of the story. And outright torture is also something I won't inflict on any PC: that includes rape.

Whatever anyone else's lines they don't want crossed, just PM me and I will add those to this post.